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Winter Wonderland

Icy January is upon us all
Yet, our passion remains tall
To serve our citizens is our call.
Our focus is unwavering
As we look ahead to Spring
And the community that is blooming.

In the words of Robert Frost:
The wood are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

I just wanted to emphasize that our efforts will not falter (even in the midst of winter) with these two poems, to reaffirm our collective hopes to serve the fine communities of St. Croix and Pierce Counties. If we can be of service, please don't hesitate to call. Our focus is already shifting forward to the future as we prepare for our Spring Build in Hammond, and our hearts go out to each and every one of our supporters.
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Get To Know Us!


St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity welcomes 3 new board members this year - Brian Lovdahl, Lisa Smith and Gary Zifko. We thank them for volunteering their valuable time towards our mission of affordable housing in our communities. Brian Lovdahl is the CFO for Western Wisconsin Health, Lisa Smith is the Finance Director at WestCAP, Gary Zifko is Senior Project Manager for Kraus Anderson. We will highlight them in our next newsletter. Thank you!

Donations Requested

Where? The  Roberts  ReSt o re !

During the long, cold winter months of January and February everyone wants to stay inside. You can still stay inside and help St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity build a house this coming spring for the Jake and Kim Taylor family of Hammond, WI.

How? The ReStore is open for retail sales during this time of the year and needs your donations of furniture and building materials to raise funds for this special project. We offer free pick-up service Tuesday through Friday - please leave a detailed message at 715-690-4984 and we will set up a date and time at your

Also, please feel free to contact the ReStore staff about volunteer opportunities at

Good Stuff at Good Prices for a Good Cause
Amazon Smile

One easy way to support St. Croix Valley Habitat is to shop via AmazonSmile. By choosing AmazonSmile, you still get the same great benefits from Amazon and 0.5% of your purchase is donated to SCVH. Simply click on the picture below or go to Return to AmazonSmile for all your Amazon purchases and support us in the process! All AmazonSmile elegible purchases will be clearly displayed.


To get the most current updates of this newletters and see all of the happenings of St. Croix Valley Habitat just click the button below!

Or just text us!


We receive new items and donations every day. Come check out all that the store has to offer. You never know what you might find today that wasn't there yesterday.

Visit us at: 
801 Wagner Drive
Roberts, WI 54023

ReStore Hours of Operation:
Tues-Sat 9 am- 5 pm

ReStore Donation Hours:
Tues-Fri 9 am- 4 pm
Sat 9 am- 12 pm

Donation Pickup Line:
Please leave a detailed message at 715-690-4984.

Click the picture below to go to our ReStore section on the website!
Cars For Homes

Donating your vehicle to Habitat for Humanity is a great way to support our work. 

Proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle will help Habitat families build strength, stability, and self-reliance in the United States. Plus, it's fast and easy to do, and you may qualify for a tax deduction.

Click the picture below to find out more about what you can do to assist our mission in serving you!

Board of Directors

Maureen Otwell

Liz Swank
Vice President

Roger Pavlis

Chuck Boeder
Gary Konkol
Brian Lovdahl
Maureen Otwell
Mark Petersen
Roger Pavlis
Mark Petersen
Bill Richard
Don Richards
Joel Skinner
Lisa Smith
Liz Swank
Maureen Wegleitner
Gary Zifko


Randy Boser
Interim Executive Director
Office Manager

ReStore Manager- Roberts

Assistant  Manager- Roberts

Donation Procurement Supervisor

Accounting Clerk

Outreach and Communications VISTA
Corporate Partners

Andersen Corporation
Steiner PlumbingElectric, & Heating, Inc.

Current Community News!

Central St. Croix Area Chamber of Commerce

We had the honor and privilege of hosting the 60 minute coffee, Java Jumpstart, in our Roberts ReStore location. Community involvement and awareness was spread with cheer over a hearty spread of bagels, and nice hot brew. A big thank you to Roberts Café and Hudson Bagel Company for catering our event!

Our hearty spread of delicacies
Our Chamber members

The whole group!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Our VISTA attended the 11th Annual MLK Jr. Holiday Breakfast, presented by Interfaith Action of Greater ST. Paul at Saint Bridget's Catholic Community Church in River Falls, WI. There, he experienced the quiet grace and solemnity that ties all of us to Dr. King's message. Brandon was able to watch a simulcast speech from the distinguished keynote speaker, David Oyelowo, which was impactful and wonderful. Saint Bridget's was a gracious host, and those present fellowshipped while honoring IAGSP's annual recipient the River Falls Sunshine Fund. 


St. Croix Valley Homebuilders Association: We recently contributed a small article in their newsletter talking about our planned Spring Build in Hammond. It also relayed a few administrative changes, as well as our consolidated site at our Restore in Roberts. We encourage you to read it and we will link to it next newsletter!

Our Gratitude   

SpartanNash Scan

Starting on February 7 thru the 18 th the Family Fresh stores in River Falls, Hudson, New Richmond and Somerset will start their campaign to raise funds for our local St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity. When you check out you can select a donation amount. Thank you to SpartanNash Foundation! Please be generous!!

Thank You. Always.

St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity continues to receive tremendous support from the community. Recent support includes generous financial donations from the Hugh J. Andersen Foundation, the Spartan Nash Foundation, and an upcoming grant for the Otto Bremer Foundation, our Board Members, and of course the patrons of our Restore and our local communities.

Andersen Commitment

With an outstanding commitment of 21 years, the Hugh J. Andersen Foundation deserves another round of gratitude for their generous contribution that we recently received!
Annual Appeal: We would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to all of our supporters who participated in our end-of-the year drive. It will go a long way towards purchasing supplies, and continuing our work to serve all of our fine communities in the St. Croix and Pierce Counties region!

Our New Friends and Staff
Charlotte, Dennis, and Brandon

Charlotte Rock
Name: Charlotte Rock
Job Title: Accounting Clerk
Place: Woodville, WI
Children: Nickolas, Alicia, Jordyn, Grant
Grand Children: Eva, Amelia
Status: Grew up in Baldwin, WI and then moved to Park Falls for 25 years. While living there, s he worked with the emergency services as a firefighter, rescue, and an EMT. She also worked as an accountant for Murrin & Associates, a dairy farmer, and owned her own business.  She then decided to return to the St. Croix County area for family. After hearing about the mission of  Habitat for Humanity, she decided to utilize her skill set to serve our communities.
In her Words: I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world.  This pledge I learned as a young child that has carried with me through life thus far. Always looking for opportunities to assist and make a difference in the community we live.  Returning to the area in which I was raised, I am honored and excited to be part of the Habitat Community as the Accounting Clerk. 

Dennis Schmidt
Name: Dennis Schmidt
Job Title:  Donation Procurement Supervisor
Place: New Richmond, WI
Life partner and best friend: Darla
Children: Bobbi Jo, Chris and Savannah. 
Grand Children: Tre, Jaden, Blake, Carter and Ocean
Status: Retired from Andersen Corp after 37 years of service.  Has been involved with Habitat for Humanity since 2003 through Andersen Corp. Dennis saw the commitment Andersen has for Habitat for Humanity and decided that he needed to be a part of that.
Firmly believes that we all should find a cause that touches us then support that cause whether it be financially or physically.
In his Words: After retiring from Andersen, I lasted nearly 5 months then became restless, I needed to get back out and do something I truly enjoyed. In May of 2014 I was hired by SCVHFH as their Project Specialist and managed the ABWK program. I worked for SCVHFH for one year then left to become the department supervisor in the Lumber/building materials department at The Home Depot. I did this gig for another year then left for a job at Accelerated Plastics, in New Richmond, as the shipping/receiving/warehouse manager. I stayed there for another year until I was approached by Andy the ReStore manager, that there was a position opening as the donations/procurement supervisor. I graciously accepted the job. I feel I am back home where I belong. I have one saying that I stay true to and that is. "Nothing happens because of me, it happens through me, I am only a vessel doing God's work".
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809 Wagner Drive, Roberts, WI 54023

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