January 2018 Prayers
I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.-John 16:33
Week 1: January 1-8
Peace in Troubled Regions
Pray for peace in troubled areas. Prayers of thanks for organizations working to serve people in need.

Democratic Republic of Congo

4.1 million people have been displaced due to conflict, especially in Kasai, making it Africa's largest displacement crisis. A survey of aid agencies reveals the DRC crisis as the most neglected crisis of 2017 .

South Sudan

South Sudan's warring parties agree on ceasefire in bid to end four-year war. Pray for peace.

Prayers of thanks for the work of IMA World Health in South Sudan and DRC .

Myanmar and Bangladesh

An estimated 655,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed the border into Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, joining approximately 300,000 others that had fled Myanmar. Situation Report and Report from World Vision on severe malnutrition among refugees.
Week 2: January 9-16
Communities and Health
Prayers for the Christian Health Service Corps training January 16-20 to teach physical and spiritual topics to equip individuals and communities to identity health issues and work toward positive growth and development.

Prayers of thanks for the work of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, India and the positive influence it has had encouraging health programs to involve communities in their own health. Hear Connie Gates and Henry Perry discuss community-based primary health care and the long tradition of Christian programs in the latest CCIH webinar .
Week 3: January 17-24
Nurses Integrating Christian Values in Healing
Prayers for the work of nurse Amaka Uja of Isaiah 58 Care Foundation in her community in Nigeria. Prayers of thanks for the healing of Nelson, a man who she nursed back to health from near the brink of death over the last 18 months. He has returned to his home community. Pray for continued healing for him and for all who lack the support of family or friends.

Prayers of thanks for nursing programs that integrate faith, spirituality and physical healing. Prayers for students and faculty at Cedarville University and Eastern Mennonite University .
Week 4: January 25-31
Quality Medical Supplies
CCIH members rely on quality medical supplies to care for the ill and injured. Prayers of thanks for organizations who have made provision of these supplies their mission. Pray for the work of

Help us pray for your work. Send your concerns and praise points to  Kathy Erb so we can share them with the CCIH network.
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