BREWSTER DAY CAMP          Newsletter    January 1, 2018        Vol. 37 Issue 4
Hello Brewster Day Camp,

HAPPY 2018!!!

If you are reading this just after midnight, be safe and enjoy the rest of your night of reveling. If you just enjoyed a good night's sleep and are savoring this message in the bright light of day with a cup of coffee, welcome to next year!

As we virtually ring in the New Year together, singer-songwriter Jesse Michaels reminds us that, 'in a novel, the biggest SYMBIOSIS exists between plot and character. In a song, it would be the lyrics and the melody." And I say that at camp, the strongest SYMBIOSIS exists between the campers and the counselors!

The BDC staff is the physical embodiment of everything that we hold dear at camp. The values we teach at BDC can be seen in the smallest actions of our carefully chosen and trained staff: a knowing glance; a kind and gentle reminder; a reassuring pat on the back or celebratory high five. Campers and counselors share a SYMBIOTIC relationship: the former emulates the thoughts, words, and deeds of the latter and in so doing both child and adult benefit from our intentional camp experience. 

As adults, we often overlook how our smallest actions directly affect another person. At BDC, counselors are thoughtful about their actions and thus can see and feel their direct impact on their campers. In this way, both campers and counselors thrive in the SYMBIOTIC relationship that is found at our camp. 

Life at 3570 Main Street is truly magical. Come to Cape Cod this summer and be a part of this SYMBIOTIC world full of...   
Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace!
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Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS: Guess how many days are left until camp starts....go here for the answer!

"Life is not found in atoms or molecules or genes as such, but in organization; symbiosis and synthesis." 
~ Edwin Grant Conklin

Our current and past families do an extraordinary job advocating for BDC, 
as the vast majority of our new families find us through word-of-mouth 
references from friends & family. 
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" A story shared back and forth is just about the most perfect symbiotic gift. It's a bit like love. No, it's a lot like love."
~ Deborah Wiles

Regular Enrollment is NOW Open for BDC '18!

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The Family Schools, Inc. and therefore Brewster Day Camp, embraces diversity in staff, students, families, and curriculum.   
TFS, Inc. and BDC do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, culture, age, religion, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or ability.