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January 5, 2017


Gen 7:19  The water prevailed more and more upon the earth, so that all the high mountains everywhere under the heavens were covered. ... 8:4  In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. 5 The water decreased steadily until the tenth month; in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains became visible.   - NASU  (Bold emphasis added.)


Meeting tonight,  Webinar link given below.

Miraculous Physics in Creation? 
The term "miraculous physics" might seem to be an oxymoron. However, if we stop to consider that the creation was put in place in six major creative acts or stages, then some aspect of the physics needed for each stage might have been put in place only as needed to make that stage possible. The physics that God now sustains and we now observe might not have been put wholly in place at the beginning of day one but might have been put in place in stages that would all be complete at the end of day six. This is something like the ideas that retired astronomy professor Dr. Danny Faulkner has been challenging the creation community with since 2013. Some have dismissed such things out of hand but I think it deserves some more careful consideration. After all something substantially miraculous seems required in addition currently available physical theories even though the theories of Drs. Humphreys, Carmeli, Hartnett, and Lisle all have some very tantalizing aspects.
Events under a different or incomplete physical regime would definitely seem impossible and miraculous when judged by the current regime.  But this might be why no one has come up with a whole satisfactory physics or cosmology yet. All current theories run into some problems meshing observed readily with the Biblical narrative of creation. None accurately describe current physics either.
Some would ask why we would need anything more than the Big Bang theory. In fact the BB has important difficulties at most every milestone in its timeline including a light travel time problem. We will do a quick review of the specifics to establish the woeful shortcoming of the Big Bang theory.
One of the basic problems with physical theory is that we don't seem to have an independent physical definition of space itself. The closest we have is the description that is implicit in General Relativity. General Relativity runs into big problems describing the observed orbital motion at galactic distance scales and above. Attempting to solve such problems is what the dark matter hypothesis is about. But that hypothesis has run into big problems too. 

Professor Carmeli modifies General Relativity to include a variable rate of expansion of space at every point in space. Dr. Hartnett has shown that Carmeli's "Cosmological Relativity" gets the orbital motion at the galactic level and above right without any need for dark matter. That makes their modified space model a lot closer to reality. But even so all of these theories still do not mesh very well with the details of the six days of creation. Nor do any of them mesh with the principles of quantum theory. So there still seems to be a problem with our understanding of space itself.
In the Bible's creation narrative there is something translated as "expanse" or "firmament" that was created to separate the waters below from the waters above. The Hebrew word is "raqia" but its precise meaning is uncertain. It seems to be space in some sense but the Earth including land and seas was created before that in some kind of space. Is raqia a different kind of space than the first kind? Is it centered on the Earth or did it spread out from Earth? Soon the Sun, Moon and stars were placed in the raqia.  Was that done in a radially outward pattern. Was the raqia still expanding during that placement or did it have any radially asymmetric properties then. Did the new physical regime go through a relaxation process toward a new equilibrium? In the end I don't know but these seem to be very interesting questions to explore.
On January 5th I will present a talk on the Miraculous Physics Implied by the Creation Narrative. We will challenge everyone with a new view of the big picture of creation. For those who know a lot already, we will challenge you to think even more deeply. For those who know little we will include the basics. For all there will be an exciting tour of some of the things that might be part of better creation theories in the future.
Next month on February 9th we will continue this theme with a Tony Comeaux presentation on Dr. Simhony's proposal of a physical structure of space on the quantum level. Tony will explain the amazing array of things that Simhony derives from this formulation of space that we already know to be true. Then we will come back to some of these unanswered questions mentioned above. For sure this will be a great adventure so don't miss either meeting!
December 1, 2016
Miraculous Physics in Creation?
by Frank Mayo 
Meeting space kindly provided at:
Houston's First Baptist Church
7401 Katy Freeway at Post Oak
Room 143,   7 PM

Come get stimulated about the creation narrative and physics. Invite some friends, skeptics, or pastors! All are welcome to bring their questions and join the discussion after the presentation. Everyone present will also enjoy the fellowship, snacks, and array of creation books and DVDs as well . Please forward this newsletter to all who might be interested. More information about GHCA is always at our website, .

Happy New Year to all,
Frank Mayo 

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