January 2016


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Really KNOW your parents...

 Staff members at St. Joseph Catholic School  in Bradenton
 learn and tap into their parents' strengths/talents. 
The school has parents who work at or are connected with McDonalds, Chick -Fil-A and other establishments in the area. The parents help the school partner with restaurants to donate a percentage of the proceeds for a specific night to the school.   Success Partners Facilitator and 5th Grade teacher Mara Curran recognized one of her parents worked for Carrabba's and reached out to see how they could involve the school and wider community in fun, fellowship and fundraising!  
The advertisement above was placed in the Sunday bulletin, and the pastor announced the fundraiser from the pulpit, saying to the congregation "I have your Wednesday dinner plans all taken care of!" The restaurant was jammed! Families, church members without young children, and returning winter visitors all enjoyed a night of good food and fellowship. Assistant Principal Colleen Curlett reiterates that St. Joseph School intentionally plan events and work to involve the church families and community members whenever possible. Students engage in service projects to strengthen community relationships as well.
If you have a Carrabba's in your area, you can contact them directly. If you do not know whom to contact, Clare Chung, Managing Partner at the Bradenton Carrabba's will point you in the right direction. Email Clare for the name and location of your nearest Carrabba's - be sure to reference Carraba's Cares and your name and contact info: bradenton@carrabas.com 
Music teacher Margarita Audette, Mara Curran and a few students at Carrabba's Cares event.
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This month, SmartBlog on Education shines a light on reader trends, content roundups and expert forecasts for 2016.

Fred shares wishes for each season of 2016: 
winter filled with wonderment
Spring ahead to try something new
From summer slide to summer sprint
A fall filled with forward failure

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This two page document includes valuable information, links and phone numbers to assist schools that have enrolled PLSA students. 
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Office of Student Learning Team
Dr. Carol Thomas, Vice President   727.409.9137     
  Dr. Scott Beck, Coordinator   386.873.8024  
Dr. Lauren Barlis, Director    352.233.6523  
Meredith McKay,Coordinator    941.737.4303  
Kaethe Perez, Director   727.647.3496
Erica Peron, Coordinator    786.273.8131   
Paula Nelson, Director    727.772.3235
Renee Stoeckle, Coordinator   813.766.1049
Jeff Barlis,Instructional Technology   727.451.9816
Melanie Schneider, Coordinator   561.818.3453
OSL FAX: 708.776.0852

Judi Duff, AmeriCorps Achieve  Program Manager