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Families, can you believe it is 2017?  It seems strange to hear it.  I hope a restful break was enjoyed by all.  School is back in session starting tomorrow (Tuesday, January 3rd), staff returned today and are anxiously awaiting the return of our Children's House friends. 

A friendly reminder:   Please guide your child to make appropriate clothing choices daily. We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible even during the winter month and prefer your child to be comfortable.  It is always a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes in case your child gets wet; that includes sock and shoes.  We welcome slippers when your child changes out of boots if you prefer not to keep extra shoes at school.   

NOTE:  District lunch will not be served on Tuesday, January 3rd.  If your child receives District lunch, please pack a lunch tomorrow.  

January Calendar
  • Tuesday Jan. 3rd-SAC (School Accountably Committee) meets, 4pm, Beech Campus
  • Monday Jan. 9th-Finance Committee meets 5:00 pm, Beech Campus
  • Monday Jan. 9th-PTO meets 5:30 pm at the Children's House Campus. Free childcare provided.
  • Monday Jan. 16th- NO SCHOOL-Martin Luther King Day
  • Monday Jan. 16th-Board of Directors Meet at the Beech Street Campus. Children's House 5:00-6:15pm El/MS 6:15-7:45pm
  • Thursday Jan. 26th-Parent Education Night-5:30pm, Children's House.  Come this night for a chance to win a City Market Gift Card.  
Philosophy Corner:
Why is observation so essential in Montessori?
"Observation is an integral and ongoing part of a Montessori teacher's work. Observing without judgment is one of the most vital teaching tools we have to "follow the child," recognize her needs, and assist her in finding her strengths and capabilities. Observation is a critical component of lesson planning and classroom management. When the teacher observes that a student has mastered a concept or skill, she can introduce new lessons.

There's much more to the art of observing than recording the skills children have mastered. For example, we try to detect what Montessori called "sensitive periods" in the child's development, as well as heightened interest in music, art, or nature. We need to be knowledgeable about child development in order to have insight about children's behavior, social interactions, and learning styles. The teacher who is gifted in the science of observation can help children overcome difficulties and redirect their interest when necessary."  READ MORE

Home Connection:    Observing your child at Home   

BONUS:  Montessori at Home  Incorporating Montessori activities at home is easy to do! 

PTO Press.....
Please join us on Monday, January 12th at 5:30 to 6:30 for PTO meeting at the Beech Campus.  Free Childcare will be provided.   At this meeting we will hear updates on school activities from CH and EMS Administration.   We hope you can attend.  Parent involvement and participation is what makes this school so great. 
Thank you for supporting the Parent/Teacher Organization!  

School Nurse News
Cold season is in full swing! The key to slowing the spread of the flu and other illnesses is excellent hand hygiene and "catching" our sneezes and coughs. Teaching our young children proper hand washing and drying is the number one key to reducing the spread of illness. Gentle reminders to young children regarding proper hand washing are essential. Here are some tools to help children wash properly and have fun while doing so.  Read More

As always, your questions, concerns and ideas are important; please come see me.


Alexia Hudson-McGrath
Children's House