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Opening Reception - Thursday, January 5,  7-9 pm  



Art in Focus: Broken Boundaries 
Show runs January 4 - 23, 10am-5:45pm daily, Sunday 12pm-5:45pm

Art Approach


Art in Focus: Broken Boundaries is a group exhibition featuring some of the most exciting and talented artists in the international contemporary art world, A show unconfined by definitions, the exhibition operates as a showcase of new investigations in contemporary image making as we move into 2012. Broken Boundaries brings together a large group of international artists who utilize the gallery space as a forum to explore the dichotomy between the creative act, and the viewer's response to this act. In this multidisciplinary show, each artist's unique perspective is explored through a variety of sources from landscape and the body, to abstraction and emotion. 


The exhibit showcases art, which both creates and manifests its own personal vision, drawing on a diverse cross-section of cultures and styles to realize a wide range of visual and conceptual ideas. Inviting viewers to a world where each artist's body of work speaks truths about life. Each work creates a visual pause, allowing the audience the time to contemplate their environment. Exploiting the "public space" of the gallery the curators will choreograph an exhibition that blends modes of art, design, architecture, sculpture, installation, and craft. 


Each of the participating artists will also appear in the visual anthology; Art In Focus: Modern Masters, as well as other concurrent projects relating to this unique exhibit; including an artists seminar, (where the artists will present a slide show of further works to the public), and artist films, along with several other Internet projects. 


Featuring: Esther Arias, Aleksandra Avdieieva, Sheilah Banikin, Lorraine Beattie, Therese Boisclair, Andrea Carrera Silbermins, Bonnie Carter, Franco Cattapan, Vlatko Ceric, Debbi Chan, Francisco Chediak, Brian Cole, Paul Cote, Amira De Maistre, Aleksandar Devic, Teiko Dewa, Carolyn DiGiovanni, Orlando Donadi, GЯnther Egger, Annabelle Frenette, Max Fujishima, Martha Gabriel, Alan Gerson, Jorge GonzЗlez VelЗzquez, Giovanni Greppi, Michael Grine, Maike GЯnther, Elisabeth Guerrier, Natalie GutGeSel, Kari Haug, Kohlene Hendrickson, Fumino Hora, Anne Herrero, Jean Huh, Silwan Ibrahim, Sandra Jackoboice, Mae Jeon, Mimmi KКller, Anett Kennedy, Veronica Khristov, Laslo Kis, Paul Landerl, Beate Landen-Karlhuber, Hyun-A Lee, Lisa J Levasseur, Igora Lucyna Opala, Ken Macklin, Hedy Maiman, Idit Makover, Sue McDonald, Barbara McIntrye, JosО Mendes De Almeida, Jeanette Milner, David Naman, John Nieman, Jim Otis, Aynur Pehlivanli, Jim Pescott, Eva Pianfetti, Cristina Rodriguez, Vanecha Roudbaraki, Gabriela Rouiller, Sisko Ruskokivi-Runeberg, Elke SchmЪlzer, Joan Schulze, Catherine Strongman, Annette Tan, Lucette Tremblay, Marie F Turner, Lida Van Bers, Emel Vardar, Stella Viopoulos, Aurelia WaІer, Wendy Waugh, Charlotte Wensley, Karel Witt, Monte Wright, Keita Yasukawa, Yenny Yohan, Teresa Young, Catherina Zavodnik, and Grady Zeeman. 


The Broken Boundaries: A Group Exhibition,

January 3rd to 23rd 2012 @ Art in Focus // Rogue Studios Chelsea

Chelsea Fine Arts Building 

526 West 26th Street

New York, NY 10001 





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