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Volume 23 Issue 1January 2015
52 Week Savings Plan
This is an "oldie but a goody". Actually we shared a version of this info last year but it's such a good and frankly, EASY plan, why not remind you of how it works this year? You can earmark these funds for holiday spending next year, vacation or something special.

The 1% Challenge
One percent doesn't sound like much but did you realize it can make a BIG impact? This article has some great strategies and encouragement for saving. When you can see the "big picture" it helps you stay focused on your savings goals!

Where Do I Start?

If you are trying to decide how to start on building your budget, this is a great resource for getting started. What is important in budgeting is finding what works for YOU & sticking to it.


Creating Your Own Budget 

Things NOT to Cut in Your Budget

We are always reading about things we can cut in our budgets, but what about things we shouldn't cut? This article gives a good overview of things that we need to find a way to keep in our budgets.

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