An ARM Update
January 2014

Dear friends,  


Another year has come and gone! We hope you and your family had a wonderful time enjoying each other and all the things God is doing in your lives.  This past year has been exciting at ARM as we watch His goodness in all areas of our ministry. We are also excited for the year ahead as we anticipate even greater things!

This month, we are blessed to share a few of our 2013 highlights.  We are excited to see how God has been working in and through us over the year! Thank you for being such a vital part of our growth and success.


Be blessed,


Pastor Peter


Ps. Peter Kasirivu
Founder & CEO

Bethany Village Highlights MainSTORY

Bethany Village is one of our largest projects at ARM. Some of the many great things that happened throughout the year include:

  • Our Farm was improved with the addition of 4 fish farming tanks (which can produce 12,000 fish per year); 1 greenhouse & a new farm manager!  All of these help improve the daily nutrition of our children and sustainability of our homes!  
  • 132 children called Bethany "Home" this year and were given access to family, education, vocational training, health, discipleship and much more
  • 11 children were graduated out of Bethany and successfully resettled back into their communities
  • 3 week-long camps were held to improve the spiritual growth & discipleship of 800 of our sponsored children

Program Highlights ShortSTORIES  

Partnership & Missions

We could not do what we do without our church partners, ministry partners and short term missionaries.  Last year the department celebrated:
  • The addition of 2 churches to our Mercy Network Program
  • 275 Mercy Network participants completed a discipleship training program
  • 190 short term missionaries visited us in 2013 in 28 teams
  • 3,000 copies of discipleship materials were distributed in rural parts of Uganda
  • 85 church leaders were training in church planting and bible exposition
  • 13 acres of land was purchased to help launch 2 new churches
  • A school block was constructed to increase access to education in Mukono.  
Leadership Development

The leadership department is the heart of what we do. In this department we prepare children and adults to be the leaders God desires them to be. Several programs are included in this department: Mwangaza, Next Generation Leadership Program (NGLP) and much more!
  • 2 Mwangaza Choirs went out in 2013, bringing the message of "Breaking Free" to the USA, Holland & Germany
  • Wakisha Choir (consisting of 15 past members of Mwangaza) held several concerts each month within Uganda  
  • 13 University Students completed their Bachelors degrees through NGLP (2 Doctors, 1 Pharmacist, 1 Journalist, 2 Social Workers, 2 Administrators, & 5 in Business People
  • NGLP Students went on a week-long mission within Uganda resulting in 13 people being saved! 
Child Development
The Child Development works hand in hand with the leadership department to ensure that the children in our program are equipped to succeed.  This department includes our early childhood (ECDP) and child sponsorship program (CDP). 
  • 86 malnourished children were restored to good health through ECDP
  • 72 ECDP caregivers were trained on positive parenting skills
  • 6,719 children (5,069 elementary, 1,340 high school & 310 vocational & University students) were given access to education, healthcare, spiritual discipleship, & leadership training.  
  • A new CDP was opened bringing us to 28 total projects 
  • 13 community service events were organized in our projects; training the children in Biblical foundations & missions.  
  • In 2013, the children wrote approx. 21,000 letters to their sponsors 
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