Nikola News

Issue 55
Feb 2017

Many thanks to this month's model Ursula Zaleski

Polish born Ursula Zaleski loved the beautiful and vibrant colours of the many lands she and her family lived in as she was growing up. In her early twenties she came to Canada with her husband and children and travelled the country.  They ended up in Calgary and fell in love with the beauty of where the mountains meet the prairies and the sky seems to extend into infinity.
An artist by vocation, Ursula paints in rich and vibrant colours that reflect her deep sense of connection to the four elements-- fire, wind, sea, and land -- to nature's beauty and the vast beauty of Canada as well as the many lands she has visited in her travels around the world.
Married for over 50 years, Ursula is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. A cancer survivor, a lover of life, she believes in painting her world with things that feel and look good, that create a sense of peace and harmony and enhance the environment. Rich natural fabrics, silks and linens, cottons and weaves.
Age is irrelevant to Ursula whose deep appreciation for the things that make life beautiful never grows old. In her timeless beauty, she is a testament to the fact that there is no age appropriate fashion. Ageless fashions complement Ursula's ageless spirit. When unique lines and natural fabrics merge there is no age limit.

Ursula believes Nikola fashions are "je ne c'est quoi"!


A new line of Kimonos from Aldina; a Kelowna Artist. 


New to Nikola:  Chloe Angus Wraps

All paintings in this Newsletter are Ursula's Beautiful Creations.  New Chalet Tunic/Dress and shear jacket. Jacket also available in Light Grey.


New Chalet Arrivals. Necklace Bhawana Clark.


New Chalet Bamboo Tunic and Capri.  The long necklace is Bhawana Clark.  Shorter silver necklace is by Calgary Artist Three Good Hearts.


Soma Mo Necklace; Chloe Angus Wrap.

Chalet French Cotton Terry Tunic and Navy Bamboo Capri.
Necklace is Soma Mo.

Aldina Dress

Aldina Kimono and Soma Mo Necklace

Striped Knit Tunic by Chalet; also available in Black.  

Aldina Kimono and Sonja Necklace.


Chalet Tunic and Jacket

Dress also available in Dark Brown Stripe.

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