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Mary's Pence invited  The Kitchen Table , a fall 2015 grantee, to lead a workshop at the Call to Action conference and share the success of their social enterprise.

Women from fall 2015 grantee, The Kitchen Table, talk about their growth from a support group at Epiphany Church to a social enterprise.
"We made a trip of a lifetime," says Stephanie Renee Booker-Wynn of  The Kitchen Table  about  her trip to present at Call to Action, an annual faith-based conference focused on the issues of inclusivity and anti-oppression. Stephanie, her  friends and co-workers, Danette Brown,  Bertha Wherry, and Angie O'Gorman, first met at a support group at Epiphany  Church in St. Louis.  They talked about wanting to overcome obstacles like poverty and homelessness and stumbling upon barriers to dignified work.  Today, they run a workplace they created for themselves. The women of  The Kitchen Table  prepare an affordable home-made meal for their community every Thursday, manage catering orders, and maintain a garden. Stephanie and her colleagues traveled from St. Louis, MO, to Albuquerque, NM, for the three-day event in November. After Call to Action, Stephanie wrote this reflection.

Enchantment Mountain
It was a long time that we prepared for this city with all of our life woes, skills & concerns, we finally made the trip of a lifetime. Traveling was long and fun, many sites to see and a lot of time to stare into nature and Native life, Spanish and American. A Native Indian Culture Museum that had many memoirs of family, traditions, praise and spiritual dance, pottery, art, education, meals, music, farming, rumbling, and peace.

We broke bread together, slept, worked and prepared for a knowledgeable conference about all people, and women had a big voice. The Kitchen Table was able to speak about... 

Women in the room are sporting blouses with starched lace collars; feathers perch atop their wide-brimmed hats. Earl Grey tea is served in fine china - cups that have descended to the hostess from her grandmother. Voices hum and rise as the discussion grows livelier. The women are talking about the right to vote, the role they play in U.S. politics, the ways to advocate for equity and justice for all.

No, this is not an excerpt from a history novel. It's a current event,
planned by a loyal Mary's Pence supporter. Author and multi-medium artist Patricia Hruby Powell is amping up the fun  in fundraising by hosting a suffragist tea party in honor of Mary's Pence - all for a serious cause. The tea party will support the women we work with through the Mary's Pence Grants and ESPERA programs, who are committed to advancing women's rights through advocacy, social entrepreneurship, hands-on workshops, community organizing, arts opportunities, leadership development, and educational initiatives. Patricia's party, to be held in late January at her home in Champaign, IL, is a reminder to continue building a culture of feminist activism today. It also testifies to the legacy that the early suffragists entrusted us with, and to the continuity of feminist movements worldwide. Mary's Pence values echo the voices of generations of feminists that came before us.
The photograph that inspired Patricia's party in honor of Mary's Pence. Elsie Hruby Smith - top row, second from the left, circa 1940s.

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"What will you tell your daughters about 2016?"
by Chinaka Hodge

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