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While Staying on Campus Please Make Sure to Attend One of Chef Shannon's Cooking Classes!

The new year can be an exciting time, filled with the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. It's also an opportunity to recommit to your health and well-being. Sustainable resolutions do exist, and they can help you build the foundation for a long, healthy and happy life.   
Most Resolutions include enhancing your health or happiness. By picking specific, realistically achievable and measurable goals you won't need to devote a lot of time or money on diets that promise quick weight loss, supplements or elaborate workouts to improve your health. Focus on specific behaviors you surely have heard about but most likely underestimate. Consider the list below when setting your goals for 2018!  
Commit to a 30 Day Fitness Challenge 
Pick a fitness activity that's easy and doesn't require equipment, and commit to it for 30 days. There are many options to challenge yourself: practicing yoga, taking regular walks or joining a fitness class. Find what motivates you. Whatever you do, make yourself accountable or find an accountability partner. Whether your goal is to lose weight, lower cholesterol or have more energy, you have the power to make a positive change. 
Practice Mindful Eating 
It is pretty common now to eat with your eyes glued to a screen, but eating when you're distracted leads to overeating. Take time to slow down and pay attention to your food, pausing to put down utensils between bites. Diane Vizthum, dietitian and research nutritionist of Johns Hopkins says "When you eat mindfully, it's easier to notice when you feel full, plus you're more likely to enjoy the foods you eat."  
E at and Drink Less Sugar
Eating too much sugar contributes to numerous health problems, including weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, dental caries, metabolic syndrome and heart disease, and even indirectly to cancer because of certain cancers' relationship to obesity.
The best way to cut back on sugar is to simply avoid processed foods and satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits instead.
This approach doesn't require math, calorie counting or chronic reading of food labels.  Instead of sugar in recipes, you can try
things like cinnamon, nutmeg, almond extract, vanilla, ginger or lemon. Just be creative and use the internet to find recipes. You can eat a variety of amazing foods even as you reduce the amount of sugar from your diet.
Don't Smoke or Help Someone Quit  
Most people don't need to be reminded that smoking can cause lung cancer, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  "Smoking is also associated with virtually all diabetes 
complications" says Dr. Lenhard, Medical Director of Christiana Care Health System's Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Most  smokers want to quit and have tried to quit but success is not easy. Having a support system can be incredibly important to you or your loved one's success.
Being prepared also boosts the chances of success. Create a plan to quit by following the resources at: 
Nurture Your Relationships 
Scientists are continuously investigating the connection between personal health and the state of meaningful personal relationships. It has been found that healthy connections with other people help to discharge damaging levels of stress.  What does this ultimately mean? Relationships are healthy. How you 
nurture personal relationships depends on you. Consider adding a weekly lunch with a friend to your schedule, plan a monthly date night with your partner, eat meals at the dinner table with your family more often or make Saturdays family days without distractions. You decide, but don't underestimate the
importance of those activities to good health and well-being.    
In the Month of January
Whether the New Year has you inspired or feeling overwhelmed, keep it simple by considering to focus on just a few top health intentions. Remember to take it one step at a time and you will reach that goal! 
Wishing You a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  Have a great January  
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