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January 2017
Change can be challenging
Entering the beginning of the new year, we remember the Hebrew word for a new year, Rosh Hashanah.   And one of the meanings for Shanah (year in Hebrew) actually comes from the root shi'nui, meaning change.

When we enter 2017, our secular new year, we have to remember that some things remain the same, and some  inevitably change.   Lev Eisha remains the same and is still here. We have almost reached Chai - our 18 th year!  Can you believe it?

But Lev Eisha has also changed.   We moved to our new home at Temple Beth Shir Shalom.   So although we are the same community of inspiring song, prayer and learning, we are in a new venue.   Change is challenging and often resisted.
We are asking you to return to your beloved Lev Eisha, at its new home, for our January 2017 service.   Start the new year with open hearts and minds.   Visit with your friends and renew old acquaintances.   Temple Beth Shir Shalom has a welcoming sanctuary filled with warmth and light.
It's time to fill up spiritually for your new year.
Join us for services on Saturday, Jan. 7. Services are led by Rabbi August and Cantorial Soloist Cindy Paley.  Readings are from the book of Genesis.  Be sure to stay for a delicious kiddush luncheon after services, co-sponsored by Barbara Axelband and Myrna Kayton, in honor of their birthdays; and by Cecile Benson in honor of the birth of her granddaughter, Lili Ella Irene Benson, daughter of Phil and Chloe Benson. Additional donations come from Gladys Diener in honor of her birthday and her daughter, Jackie; and from Robin Winston in honor of Barbara and Myrna's birthdays.
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Lev Women's Winter Retreat
Jan. 20-22, 2017

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Pick up materials on the table in the lobby.

Lev Board of Directors

President-Janis Cohen
Treasurer-Ruth Grossman
Secretary-Wendy Aleman
Catering: Lynn Beliak
Ritual-Judy Fishman
Hospitality-Joan Spiegel
Marketing-Rose Ziff
Outreach-Holly Zucker & Gail Heim
Past President-Barbara Brown
Women's Retreat-Linda Zweig

Mark Your Calendars!

Lev Eisha Day of Learning

April 2, 2017

Holy Spirit Retreat Center,  Encino
Starting the New Year with New Members

A warm welcome to renewing members this month:

Franklin Buckholtz
Levi Buckholtz
Suzanne Buckholtz
Wendy Green
Sandy Luboviski  

If you have been enjoying our monthly services and Rabbi's teachings, please support us by becoming a member. It's never too late!! You can renew your Lev membership online - click  HERE .  Or pick up a paper membership packet after services on Saturday.

We are almost halfway through the year, and we now have over 100 members. Who will be our 120th member? 
We Love Our Donors

Christopher Principe, in honor of Lynn Beliak.
Beverly Mushinsky, in honor of Joan Spiegel.  
Holly Zucker, in honor of Arlyne Gruesner's birthday.
Lights to Energize Us
by Rabbi August
I was yearning for holiday lights this season. I cannot remember when I last felt such a need for Hanukkah lights, Christmas lights and holiday music and decorations. Without them, I was bereft. I am curious about this and am wondering if any of you, my dear Lev Eisha women, felt the same way.

Near me, in Torrance, is an area of holiday lights, and though I have been there twice already, it is not enough. At least five streets are lit up with lights on all their trees and amazing decorated homes.  We would call some of the creations Ungah'patchked - but they are remarkable. I breathed in the lights and felt calm. I breathed in the aesthetics and beauty and felt hope. My eyes and heart feasted on this alternate reality of "peace and joy" of the holiday season.  I simply needed and wanted it so!
I am writing on the second day of Hanukkah before the secular New Year, and the truth of our country's uncertain future has hit hard. Like many of you I am concerned about the progress that has been made for women and minority populations, for immigrants, for the environment and for healthcare. I can go on, but I do not want to be political.  I want to use the light, hope, and dreams of the "LIGHTS" - wherever we find them - to energize myself to fight for the ideals and values that I believe in and what I know America stands for. We are a great nation already, and it is up to each of us to keep it so.

Only a light-filled, healthy, meaningful and inspired secular year for us all.  AMEN

Rabbi Toba August
Sharing Good News
We are thrilled to announce that the Doris Factor Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles has awarded Lev Eisha a one year grant in the amount of $5,000.  

We have received several grants from the Factor Fund in recent years. We are grateful for their continuing support and we feel honored to be recipients of this grant, which enables us to provide meaningful services to our community.


I f you have a milestone to share please send it to Rose Ziff at
editor@leveisha.org.  Birthdays, weddings, graduations, Bat or Bar Mitzvot, births, special awards/honors, and exotic vacations are some of the simchas that are fun to share with our community. 

This is also the place to ask our community to join you in prayers of healing for those who are ill or in memory of those who have passed away. 
Map & Directions
Lev Eisha Shabbat Services are held at Beth Shir Shalom,
1827 California Ave. Santa Monica, 90403


To Beth Shir Shalom
Take the 405 Fwy North or South to the 10 Fwy Westbound.  
Exit the 10 Fwy at Cloverfield/26th Street 
Turn right onto Cloverfield.  
Turn left at Colorado. 
Turn right onto 20th Street.  Continue straight, past Wilshire, one block, to California. 
Turn left onto California Avenue.  Go 1-1/2 blocks. Beth Shir Shalom will be on the right.

To parking lot
Follow above directions to get to 20th Street and turn right.
Turn right at Wilshire. 
Parking lot will be on the right behind the V Lounge.  (See map below)


Welcome to Lev Eisha, a spiritual prayer service by and for women.  B'ruchot Ha'baot - we invite you to join us with great blessing.  We provide a joyous environment with opportunities for soulful prayer, energetic song and dance, deep Jewish study, and meditation.  Each person, in their own way, finds what they need for their personal and spiritual growth at Lev Eisha.


What makes our community so unique? The answer is reflected in our name. "Lev" means heart, and "Eisha" means woman.  When women come together with open hearts, we figuratively hold each others' hearts in profound acceptance, understanding and love.


Join us and support Lev Eisha. By attending you are giving yourself the greatest gift; time for yourself, a "spiritual fix" to keep you balanced and centered for the month. Lev Eisha will transform your Jewish  soul.