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Make a Church Resolution
Michael Chittum, Executive Director
Moving into a new year is a good time to check over important documents to make certain they are up to date. For example, a person could check their will to verify that it is up to date regarding assets and allocations.
In a similar fashion, members of the church leadership could go over the Bylaws of the church. Things to check for: is the church being governed as we say it should be; do we clearly define the way in which we receive members; is there a dissolution clause to dispose of the church property if the church ceases to function; is the relationship with the minister and potential conflicts with that person outlined; is the way we will call for votes up to date; is the number we have defined for a quorum to conduct business realistic; etc. The church's Bylaws is a living document that should clearly and fairly outline how things are to be done.  If it does not, then, there may be a need to consider revising the document. 

Visit Here for more resources. Regional Associations may also have additional resources.

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Join Our Leadership
Ashley Cleere, Chair, Nominating Committee

The NACCC's slate of Officers, Board of Directors, and Ministry Councils are presented by the Nominating Committee to the delegates at the Annual Meeting & Conference. The Committee strives to choose a cross section of men and women, clergy and lay leaders from multi-sized membership churches representing various regions of the country. We heartily request your recommendations by the January 15 deadline. 

2016-17 Nominating Committee
Rev. Dr. Ashley Cleere, Chair (Georgia)
Larry Sommers (Wisconsin)
Rev. Bobbie Chapman (Connecticut)
Jim Larson, Scribe (Iowa)
Rev. Dr. Thomas Richard (Massachusetts)
Rev. Linda Anderson (Michigan)
Laura Hamby, NACCC Moderator,  Board of Directors Liaison, (California)
Rev. Dr. Michael Chittum, Executive Director, Staff Liaison
Carrie Dahm,  NACCC Meeting Planner/Vendor Manager, Staff Liaison

Your Gift Does Make a Difference
One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) has been put in place at the NACCC to support those in need after a disaster and/or homelessness. We are extremely grateful to the many churches and individuals who donated more than $24,347 over the past several months for the Syrian Refugees, fires in Tennessee, and the many floods; including those in Louisiana, West Virginia and Haiti. Thank you for your generous gifts, it has made a difference in the lives of many.
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2017 Annual Meeting and Conference
Christmas Appeal Update
As of January 9th, we have raised $54,580 towards our goal of $45,000. The Christmas Appeal solicited funds for the Shared Ministries Fund, but all gifts are welcome. Thank you to all the generous donors who supported us this holiday season.
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