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January 2018 Discovery Navigator
2018 Blessing
I hope Discovery's celebration of Advent and Christmas (and soon, Epiphany) has warmed your heart with the nearness of Christ and readied you for the new year.

No matter the time or the season, Christ travels with us.  Whether it is a good day or a difficult one, Christ is with us.  God completely understands the depths of human experience and is there with us offering love, healing and forgiveness.  This is the mystery of our faith.

As we travel into 2018 we affirm a God who "tabernacles"-- lives and travels with us (Exodus study), and who renews us daily with much needed grace (John 1:16).  

God is in each of the pictures here and is especially symbolized in each one by a cross (did you notice?).  Each picture of your life, too,has God's presence--a mystery that is really, really real.  May knowledge of God remind you that you are loved and accepted.  May the Holy Spirit strengthen and renew you each day.  And like the God's Eyes we recently made, may the arms of the cross and its story provide structure for living beautiful , creative and connected lives no matter the yarn each day brings.
New Year blessings to all,  Pastor Sarah 
Youth Snapshot
Wednesday Youth Fellowship Groups
December 31 - 7:00-Midnight (12:15) Game night - lower level
January 10 and January 24
5:30-6:30 6th-8th graders
6:30-7:30 Shared meal
7:30-8:30 9th-12th graders
We meet in the new Lower Hall.
Youth are welcome to come early or stay late and do homework or practice instruments.
It's great when the o lder group a rrives early & helps get the meal and set up going.  And it's great when the younger group stays until all the dishes are done!
Our individual group time is spent in the youth lounge - next door to the nursery.
Are you on the Youth Email Newsletter List?
More pictures and information are there. 
For youth, households and youth ministry supporters
Contact the church office to get on this special list.
Young Adults - December 31 
December 31st  
7:00 PM - 12:15 AM
All Church Game Night
All are welcome!  Young Adults hosting.
December Ministry

Sacred Journey
Charlene's art is on the Nebraska State Christmas Tree in Washington DC this year.
Gospel of John Study Begins 
Congratulations on completing study of Exodus!
And now on to the Gospel of John!
Our first texts are listed at the back of the Exodus study booklet.

We'll have a new study booklet printed for February and the season of Lent.

Everyone is welcome to take a study booklet.
Study on your own or join one of the study groups:
Thursdays 12-1
Fridays 1:30-2:30
Sundays 9:15 AM
Let Michelle know if we need to mail you a copy.
Discovery Calendar!
January 2018 Calendar
Date Start Time Event Description
1   New Year's Day - Office Closed
2 6:00 PM Fellowship & Fun Meeting
  6:45 PM Deacon Meeting  
3 6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
4 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
5 1:30-2:30 PM Bible Study
7   Epiphany & 12 Days of Christmas
  9:15 AM Study for all Ages Resumes
  10:30 AM Worship 
    Holiday Snack Luck Fellowship
(any treats leftover you wish to share!)
9 6:45 PM Session Meeting
10 5:30-8:30 PM Youth Groups Meet
  6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
11 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
12 1:30-2:30 PM Bible Study
14   Ordination & Installation of Officers,
Tropical Mix Sunday
  9:15 AM Study for all Ages
  10:30 AM Worship 
    Tropical Mix Fellowship after Worship
(Bring Tropical Treat to share)
17 6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
18 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
19 1:30-2:30 PM Bible Study
  6:30-9:00 PM Leader Retreat
20 8:30-Noon Leader Retreat
21 9:15 AM Study for all Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
24 5:30-8:30 PM Youth Groups Meet
  6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
25 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
26 1:30-2:30 PM Bible Study
27   Make Soup @ Church
28 9:15 AM Study for all Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Annual Meeting after Worship
    "Souper" Bowl & Discovery's Birthday Fellowship 
  3:00 PM Book Club 
31 6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir

February Up Coming Events
February 11 - Valentine, Transfiguration, & Mardi Gras Sunday
February 14 -  Ash Wednesday & Valentine's Day
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Sunday - December 31
Comfort & Joy Worship - 10:30 AM
Comfortable clothes
Comfort food
Welcome to Worship & Fellowship

PJs or whatever's comfortable to wear

Donut & Cocoa fellowship
Sunday - December 31
The Joy continues
New Year's Eve Fellowship - for All Ages
 7PM-Midnight (12:15)

You may bring a game if you wish.
Friends and everyone welcome of course.

And please bring a snack to share if you are able.

Sponsored by the Young Adults  
Sunday January 7
Epiphany & 12 Days of Christmas
Our Sacred Season Concludes on this day.
9:15 AM Bible Study for all Ages   
Resumes Today
Make Bible Study part of your New Year's Resolution!
10:30 Worship
Fellowship:   12 Days of Christmas
P lease bring your Holiday Extras/Leftovers for Fellowship
Sunday January 14  
Tropical Mix Sunday!
You are invited to:
Dress tropically
S it in a different place in worship
Bring & share tropical treats for fellowship

Christ is our warmth and light in every season!

On this day we also delight in the gifts of leadership for our church.
Envelopes Are Out & Thank you!
Thank you for supporting 2018 ministry through Discovery!
We have had a wonderful response to our invitation to ple dge financially.
You may pick up your pledge envelopes at church.  
It's helpful also if you could contribute to "Per Capita" at the start of the year.  Discovery sends "per capita" funds on to our denomination for each member of our congregation whether or not an individual contributes.  The amount this year is $38.33.  Give what you are able or, i f you 
thin k you may be able to give extra to cover someone else, that woul d be great, too.  Just note "per capita" so our counters make sure the funds get properly designated.  Thanks so much!
And, you may still pledge for 2018, too.
As always, keep pledging your life to Jesus Christ!  
His Grace Spurs Us Forward!

Body of Christ Notes and Thank Yous!
Don't forget to check the church office window for updates, notes, news stories of interest, and other tidbits! 
Special Thanks

Special Thanks for your offerings to support 
Presbyterian Church workers and students!  Thanks for going the extra mile during this holiday season!
Mission Prayers
Nicaraguan Partners of the Month
Church Name                                       Name of Pastor
Wife of the Lamb ABRAHAN SOTELO
Akobo West Presbyterian Church - South Sudan. 
This is Samuel and Mary's home area.
For peace and healing amid violent situations near and far
Discovery Book Club
January 28
3:00 PM
For our next Book Club we will be reading
"Woman of God" by James Patterson
Meet @ the Dickinsons' home.  
Come even if you didn't read the book.
Music Snapshot

6:15 Chime Choir practice
7:00 Chancel Choir practice
Meet in the sanctuary
All are Welcome!
Office Notes from Michelle

You are always welcome to e-mail the office or you can give me a call from 
10:15 AM until 3:15 PM 
Monday through Friday. 
If you have something on your mind, or when you would like to put something in the Navigator I'm here for you.

Thanks and God bless!!   

Michelle's Fun Side
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