Relationships Are the Key to Music-Learning 
SMP's been having a great new year! Students are getting reacquainted with their instruments after the long winter break, and most importantly, students and their tutors are getting reacquainted with each other. 

At Seattle Music Partners, we believe that relationships are the key to success. Thanks to SMP's cornerstone one-on-one model, there are over 100 unique tutor/student relationships that continue to develop each week. And though each one is special, these relationships are all shaped by one common interest: music!

In working with their tutors, every SMP student works alongside someone with a passion for music whom they can trust. This trust makes a big difference, sometimes THE difference, in a student's commitment to learning an instrument and in feeling a sense of belonging in SMP's music-making community. 

Now that the new year has started and lessons are in full swing, we have our sights on a big student milestone - the first individual recitals of the year! Our first set of recitals begins in February, and it will be the first time students take the stage as soloists this year. As students prepare to take this big step in their musicianship, the trust between students and their tutors will be vital. We invite you to come and support! Click here for recital dates and times.
Shya and Navera
Meet Shya, a fifth grader at Lowell Elementary, and her tutor Navera, a student at Garfield High School. They are particularly unique because they are working together for the second year in a row.  

Watch as they interview each other amongst the sights and sounds of the Lowell hallway!

Save the Dates:
Middle School Music Project Concert
Wednesday, Feb. 1st
at the Garfield Community Center
7:00 - 7:45 PM 

Join us for a performance from the SMP's middle school-aged evening ensemble, the Middle School Music Project, as well as guest performances from SMP volunteers!   

Dine Out! for SMP at St. Cloud's Restaurant
Tuesday, February 7th 
at St. Cloud's Restaurant
5:00 - 9:00 PM
Support SMP's work while enjoying a great meal with family and friends at  St. Cloud's Restaurant  in Madrona!
The evening will feature the musical talents of SMP's volunteers, and a  portion of the proceeds from your meal will benefit SMP.

Don't miss this fun opportunity to support the program!