United Christian Parish Preschool

January 2017

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Label Lunch Boxes
Family Dining Out
Parents Group
Conscious Discipline Series
Emergency closings
PAC Member Needed
Dear Parents, 
We have been having some really cold days lately.  Thanks to you parents who made sure the warm clothes were sent to school.  In spite of the cold, outdoor play is beneficial. Most of the time the temperature is above 25 when it's time for playground.

Sometimes I am surprised at the thought of the years passing and realized that many of you, parents of our preschoolers, were born after Martin Luther King Jr.'s life ended.  I hope you listened to those history lessons in school!  King said that "everybody can be great because anybody can serve."  Take a minute to reflect on Dr. King's messages about service during the holiday and resolve to take part in some community service that your child can watch.  That's how we share with them what is important.

I certainly appreciate you sending your friends and neighbors to tour our school at Open House next month.  If you have questions about signing up your children, please call or e-mail me, or set a time to sit and chat about what is best for your child and your family.
Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Email or visit the office if you are interested.

1/3 Applesauce & Ritz

1/4 Wheat Thins & Soy butter

1/5 Cheese & crackers

1/6 Repeats or Cheerios & raisins

1/9 Oatmeal or clementines

1/10 Oatmeal or carrot chips/hummus

1/11 Oatmeal or clementines

1/12 Potato wedges & ketchup

1/13 Repeats

1/17 Ritz & cheese slice

1/18 Peaches & graham crackers

1/19 Bananas & graham cracker

1/23 Granola bars & milk

1/24 Apple slices & Ritz

1/25 Bagels, cr. Cheese

1/26 Ritz & soy butter

1/27 Repeats

1/30 Ritz & soy butter

1/31 Peaches & graham cracker

Label with your child's name
One of the requirements of licensing is that "food brought from home" aka Lunch boxes must be labeled with name of child and date.  We are asking parents to make sure that all lunch boxes and bags have children's names.  We will handle the date.
An Excellent Resource 
FAAN, the Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Netwoork has a website, foodallergy.org with a wealth of information.  Another valuable service is e-mail alerts when undeclared ingredients are discovered in food products on the market.
Join Our List
Come have lunch or dinner with friends!
Fosters Grille, 905 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA  
Tuesday, January 10, 11 am to 9 pm

The Preschool receives 20% of orders placed by anyone with one of the coupons (click here to print).  That's great for our scholarship fund, but the best part about the dining events is the fun of going out and being with other Preschool families.
Relax and Share some time with other Parents 
Come join us for coffee and conversation at Lake Anne Coffee House on Wednesday, January 25th, at 9:30.  Please feel free to bring your little ones.

Family Dining Out at Lunch Time
Come join Parent's Group for lunch at Foster's Grille on Tuesday, January 10th, at noon.  Support our school and have a great lunch with friends! 

Connect with Us Please
Join us on Facebook!  Click here for the Parents Group page. Ask to join and you will be added to group that day.
Responding to Upsets and Tantrums--What Can I Do? 
Wednesday Morning, Jan 25, 9:15-10:45 am
Thursday Evening, Jan 26, 7:30-9:00 pm

Whatever the reason you have not been to the earlier sessions, please try to attend one of these sessions.  Join with a friendly group of Preschool parents.  Share your experiences and practice solutions together.
Mark your calendar for: 
Conflicts, Disagreements and Power Struggles- What's the Solution?
Wednesday Morning, Mar 1, 9:15-10:45 am
Thursday Evening, Mar 2, 7:30-9:00 pm

Preschool Policy 
  • When Fairfax County Public Schools close for the day, United Christian Parish Preschool is closed.
  • When Fairfax County Public Schools open two hours late, United Christian Parish Preschool opens 2 hours late and classes end 1 hour later than usual.  Lunch Bunch ends at 2:15. 

Listen to the news, watch Channel 21 or check FCPS.edu.   Ignore what FCPS announces about "Preschool", because that refers to the preschool programs housed in FCPS buildings, not our school.


Keep Up with Fairfax County changes 

Please visit FCPS.edu and sign up for News You Choose.  This system sends you e-mails and/or text messages when the county school system makes weather related changes. 
LOOKING AHEAD TO 2017/2018 FOR 2's, 3's & 4's
Open House
Invite your friends to come visit the school on February 1 or 2.  Interested parents may drop-in between 9:30 and 11:30.  Explain that parents who come without children may observe in the classrooms and get a better look at what's happening, but children are welcome if they need to come with parents. 

Priority Registration
Registration forms will be sent home beginning Tuesday, January 24 in school bags and will be available in the office. These forms from families of currently enrolled children should be turned in by Wednesday, Feb 8 at noon.  Please get them in earlier if you can.  Every year we are so sad when families forget to turn in their forms and find themselves lower on a wait list for a first choice class than where they would like to be. 

Get help choosing classes
Come by the office if you are have questions about the class offerings or the forms.  Please let us help with the questions.  
Sign up for Kindergarten 
Call or visit the elementary school your child will attend next year to register them for kindergarten.  It is important to do this early so that you are invited to all the events held at the school related to kindergarten.  The schools usually begin the process in February or March.  If you do not know which is your neighborhood school, check the Boundary Locater at FCPS.edu. Even if you plan to enroll your child in a magnet school or request pupil placement, register at the base school. For all the details about starting Kindergarten, visit the Welcome to Kindergarten page on the Fairfax Public Schools website.
Please email if you are willing to serve 
Preschool Advisory Committee is made up of four United Christian Parish church members and three parents. There is an opening for a parent member.  It is hard to get a quorum for the monthly meeting, when we don't have a full complement of members. It is a two-year term, so a parent of a 2 or 3-year old would be great. Business expertise is always welcome.  We could also use an educator. All talents are appreciated.  Moms or dads are welcome; right now the committee has 4 women and 2 men.
Tu/Th 1/3, 5         Chapel
Mo, Jan 16           No school, Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Tu/Th, Jan 17, 19  Chapel
We, Jan 18            PAC Meeting 7:30 pm
We, Jan 18            Vision Screening
Fr, Jan 20              No school, Inauguration Day
We, Jan 25            Conscious Discipline at 9:15 am
Th, Jan 26            Conscious Discipline at 7:30 pm
We/Fr, Jan 25/27   Gatherings
Tu, Jan 31             Vision Screening
We/Th Feb 1/2       Open House for new families
Mo, Feb 6              School closed, FCPS closed
We, Feb 8              Priority Registration Lottery
Fr, Feb 10              Community Registration Lottery
Mo, Feb 20            Presidents Day Holiday
We/Th, Mar 1/2     Conscious Discipline Parent Programs

Wondering About How Your Child is Doing?

Parents and teachers had a chance to meet face-to-face in November.  However we know that questions come up all the time.  Preschool children see events at school with their young child perspective and often lack the language to describe in the detail we would like to hear.  If you are ever left wondering what really was happening, please email or call the teacher or the Preschool Office.

Please remember that your child's teacher is the first place to go to express concerns about his class or what he is learning.  Call or email, and we will find a time to talk with the teacher in person when your child is at the playground or in Lunch Bunch. Your Director is also willing to chat with you about questions and concerns; just call or email to set a time.
You will be receiving a written Progress Report with information about your child's growth and development in February.  If you have questions then, please call and schedule a meeting.