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January 2017 
Moving the Dial   
AceTech is thrilled to announce the kick-off of Toronto's Women Founders Night Series - Moving the Dial!  We've partnered with organizations within the Toronto-Waterloo tech ecosystem, and with the help of our generous sponsors, we are both proud and excited about the launch of this event series!  Each event will spotlight diverse female founders, investors, and leaders in the technology industry.  Together we'll build a valuable talent network that can be leveraged to advance, connect, and invest in women in technology.

The Kick-Off will be held on January 16th from 6-8PM at Wealthsimple.  We will be featuring iAngles, who joins us all the way from the "start-up nation".  Michelle McBane of MaRS Discovery District will welcome our distinguished panelists:
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This event would not be possible without the partnership and sponsorship of: 
Capitalizing on Growth  with KPMG
AceTech Ontario is thrilled to invite you to the first Power Session of 2017 on January 24, Capitalizing on Growth, sponsored by KPMG .
The event will include panel discussions and case studies exploring what to consider when raising funds, exiting, considering an IPO and more.  Learn from successful CEO's and Growth Expert panelists, who will share their experiences and provide valuable advice.  This is an event that will allow for in-depth conversations and networking with subject matter experts and CEOs.  
Chris Chapman, National Leader, Growth Companies, KPMG 
Global Head of Technology Corporate Finance, KPMG
Join Chris Chapman and
Mihir Jobalia as they interview highly successful CEOs and Growth Capital experts on: 
  • Debit & Equity Options
  • M&A
  • US/CDN IPO vs Debt vs Equity

Expert Panelists:

Win Bear , Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
President & CFO,
David Stein , Managing Partner,
Presenting with Impact with Melanie Novis
Do you need to communicate more effectively?  Overcome a fear of public speaking?  Bring in more business? Then this workshop is for you! Melanie Novis is President of Corporate Speech Consultants and lead coach in addition to being the author of Canadian Public Speaking. 
In this highly interactive seminar, you will learn the professional skills that are highly prized in the business world.  Mastering the art of presenting in a convincing, credible and persuasive manner is an asset that will be of benefit to you.  You will learn how to present yourself and your ideas with polish; the critical success factors of a presentation; how to plan and structure your message; how to deal effectively with the question and answer period; the impact of non-verbal communication; and positive active listening skills. 
This workshop will take place on February 21st and due to the nature of this workshop, seating will be limited! Each participant will have the chance to present and  improve  a 3 minute presentation.  Keep an eye out in January for the invitation!
Starting Your Year Off Right - Body and Soul
Join Wayne Williams and Jennifer Blake on February 7th to learn how to start your year off right!  Wayne will detail fitness and lifestyle choices that you can use to help you become a healthier and more productive CEO, and will show ways to incorporate a corporate wellness plan that can result in more productivity.  Lastly, Wayne will detail how to introduce healthy meal choices into your company.

Wayne will be followed by Jennifer Blake as she takes you through a session of Inspiration and Practical How to Techniques that you can practice every day!  She will teach you how to 
        • Start each day with INSPIRATION
        • Live a TRULY INSPIRED and AUTHENTIC life!
        • Motivate Yourself to Succeed
        • Attract your Success by Living AUTHENTICALLY!
        • Vision yourself succeeding - and DO IT!
Keep an eye out this month for your invitation!
Community Partners
Access Employment 
As a not for profit organization under United Way Toronto, ACCES (Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services) Employment has been a leader in connecting employers with qualified employees from diverse backgrounds since 1986. Sponsored by Accenture, the Information Technology (IT) Connections Program  helps internationally-trained IT professionals pursue their careers in Canada.

Graduates from the program have successfully been hired by Accenture, Deloitte, Oracle, CloudBitz and all the major banks in Canada. Our candidates not only have many years of international experience, but also have up to date technical skills with an innovative perspective and a good understanding of Canadian workplace culture.

We have a great track record: 94% of our graduates have found employment in their field.  

As Employer Marketing and Outreach Consultant for the Information Technology Connections Program at A.C.C.E.S. Employment, I find candidates to fit your job requirements. I take care of the pre-selection, the first phase of interviewing and monitoring throughout the placement for the companies I work with. I am truly passionate about my work and always look forward to meeting new professionals and building connections. Please feel free to contact me in the following ways if you have any further questions:

Phone:  416-921-1800 Ext. 2235
Click here for more information of the IT Connections Program
New Members
Brian Chen, VP Software Engineering, Points

Steven Choi, Managing Director, General Counsel, Flipp

Anshula Chowdhury, CEO, Sametrica

Gianni Creta, Vice President, OneConnect Services (acquired by Accelerated Connections)

James Kennedy, Director, Finance & Operations,
Altus Dynamics 
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