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January 2018 
Happy New Year!
Happy 2018 to all of our members, partners and friends! We're thrilled to start this year with you and cannot wait for what 2018 as to offer.  Happy New Year!  

In This Issue
Insider Secrets for Hiring Sales Superstars
Friday, January 19th, 8:00am
Great sales leaders, like great hockey coaches, know that their success comes in large part from the talent on their team. That is why they are so much more thoughtful and analytical in how they attract and evaluate that talent. In this 90-minute presentation, Jamie Scarborough and Sonya Meloff will share proven tactics and strategies of North America's most accomplished sales leaders and employers.
Sonya Meloff and Jamie Scarborough are the co-founders of Sales Talent Agency, North America's largest sales recruitment company. Now in its 10th year, Sales Talent Agency has helped more than 900 companies hire talented business developers and strategic sales leaders.
Why Are Your Rockstars Leaving? .... It's Not Them It's You
Friday, February 9th, 8am

Evidence shows that organizations with an engaged culture & leadership demonstrate greater employee productivity, customer satisfaction levels and share-price increases; as well as reduced employee turnover and absenteeism.  To lead, you need to examine and understand your own personal intent. Your intent drives your behaviour, and your behaviour is how others experience you, interaction by interaction.

Join Angela Donnelly and explore your personal leadership beliefs whilst challenging some commonly held views during this interactive power session. Angela will share her expertise and show you how to shift your personal intent and become the ideal boss.

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