First Presbyterian Church of Rome
January 2018

Wednesday Nights @ 6:00 PM

The purpose of this forum is to help equip God's people for the work of ministry in an ever-changing cultural landscape.

There are many ways in our day and age where the cultural values of society collide with the deep convictions of the Christian faith. Instead of seeing this as a threat to the Christian mission, we believe this to be an opportunity for greater engagement in the mission. Our call as followers of Christ is to be separate from culture but not isolated from it. Our hope is that believers in the 21st century will be radically different and radically identifiable as they seek to impact the world around them with the good news of the Gospel.

The theme for this year's forum is
"Life and Faith in the Digital Age: Grasping Opportunities, Discerning Risks"

* Using technology to advance God's Kingdom
* Understanding how technology is changing us and our children
Forum Schedule
January 10th - guest speaker, TBA, discussing using technology to advance the Kingdom of God
January 17th - Panel Discussion, members of First Presbyterian Church
January 24th - Walt Mueller, Founder and President of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, discussing how immersion in technology is affecting our children and how we can address this
January 31st - Small Group Discussion

continues January 10 @ 10 AM
Fellowship Hall

As we continue our journey through the Old Testament, we will examine the books of Judges through Malachi.  We will seek to understand each of these books within its historical context...i.e., to whom were the prophets writing and at what point in Israel's history did each prophet minister. God's overarching plan for the redemption of His people progressively unfolds across the pages of Scripture.
Our group study begins on January 10th and continues through May 16th.  We meet each Wednesday from 10AM till 12N.  If you do not already have your study book for Bethel Discipleship OT Part II, there is a fee of $25 to cover the cost of the materials. 
Please let us know that you will be joining us by registering.  You may register online contact the church office, or by emailing Phyllis Pemerton at

Tijuana Mission Trip 
Informational Meeting
January 28 at 4PM

If you would like to hear more about the details for the summer 2018 Tijuana, Mexico mission trip, please join us on January 28th at 4 PM in the Fellowship Hall. This is NOT a commitment for the trip but an opportunity to learn more about this year's activities and plans. Now is the time to consider this! The trip dates are July 7th through 15th, and all ages and stages of life are welcome. For more information, contact Kirsten McClain (706)676-1249 or

  Children's Ministry 
Upcoming Events

March 24 @ 11:30 AM Taylor's Farm
Hot Dog Lunch, Crafts, and Egg Hunt

Camp 456
May 25 - 27
Ocoee Retreat Center

Vacation Bible School

"Shipwrecked, Rescued by
June 25-29
 9 AM - 12 PM
Looking to the New Year....

 Has the thought of making a few New Year's resolutions flickered across your mind these last few days? I would like to suggest one that promises to satisfy both body and spirit, as well as a meeting with the Master of the Universe, who is in the business of "moving mountains". How would that change your perspective?
The Intercessory Prayer Team gathers each Thursday morning at 9:30 AM in the Prayer Room to pray for our church, our pastors, staff and teachers, and for those whose requests have been voiced. It has been said that "...prayer is the mighty instrument that does the work". Our time together not only allows us to lay our praise and requests before our Father, but we leave that room bonded in a fellowship that strengthens the resolve in our own lives. Matthew 6:6 says, "And when you pray, go into your room, and pray to your Father." I love that the Greek translation for "room" is "treasure room" - a place where one would keep valuables. As we gather together to store up and thank God for His gifts of immeasurable value, our fellowship through prayer and seeking His wisdom permeates our time together.
I would like to invite you to join us. If Jesus considered prayer a priority, something essential for His work, and more importantly His relationship with His Father, we should honor and respect that as well.
Please pray about your involvement as the new year begins. "All continued with one accord in prayer." Acts 1:14
Remember: Thursday mornings at 9:30 AM, upstairs in the Prayer Room in the Christian Life Building. If you have any questions, or if you have a request that we can pray about, please let me know. 

Anita Smith

Missions Spotlight: 
EPC World Outreach Missionary Prayer Network (MPN)

 "I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ,  and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle   by praying to God for me."
Romans 15:30

A crisis of faith, illness, frustration, depression, and isolation... intercession for a people group or a special friend...When missionaries are bombarded, they often feel alone in their struggle. 
The EPC World Outreach Missionary Prayer Network, or MPN, is a secure website where our EPC World Outreach global workers post prayer requests. Intercessors receive the requests directly from the field and are able to pray immediately.
Pray! Prayer will change your life, the life and ministry of your EPC global workers, and the life of those who are unengaged and have no one to tell them the Good News. For more information and to sign up to be a prayer intercessor, please visit:
Care Package!!

Many of you had a chance to hear Jesse & Bobbie speak at a Family Gathering last semester.  We asked them to name their American comfort foods that they miss while serving in their remote location.  Let's show them we are thinking of them with a package full of reminders of home.  Items may be placed in the box across from the Church Office.  Contact Natalie at with any questions. 

-Small boxes of cereal  (the boys like any of the sweet ones)
 -Suddenly Pasta (Ranch Bacon flavor)
-Tuna Helper (Creamy Broccoli)
-Pringle Chips (Salt and Vinegar)
-Millville 1 min Plain Oatmeal 
-Marshmallow Fluff Crème
-Mac and Cheese
-Rice Krispies
-Andes mints
-Pop rocks

Why?  40-50% of Students from good youth groups and families will drift from the Church after High School.

In fact, research shows that adult believers are crucial in passing on faith to the next generation.

And whom better to invoke to work in the hearts of our students than the one and true, living God.

In light of these studies, the Pray for Me Campaign (PfMC) was launched

What?  "Rallying the Church around the Next Generation"

PfMC is a movement designed to naturally create multi-generational relationships through prayer.

Three adult believers from three different generations pray for one student for one year.

What are you committing to?
1. Sign up via Church Office
2. Purchase a Prayer Guide for $10
3. Attend our launch event after church services on February 4, 2018 (Meal will be provided)
4. By following the Prayer Guide, pray for your student for one year.

Will you join the movement?