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Jan. 6 Epiphany
Epiphany which means "manifestation" or "appearance," is observed on January 6, the twelfth day after Christmas.    In the season of Epiphany we celebrate the manifestation of Christ to the whole world.    Following the tradition of the Magi , who brought gifts to the Christ child, many Christian communities celebrate Epiphany, rather than Christmas as the time of exchanging gifts.

Jan. 25  Tu B"Shevat
A Jewish holiday of nature, New Year of the Trees

* All Jewish & Muslim Holidays start on the preceding evening at sundown.

** Jewish Holy Days and Muslim Holy Days are determined by the lunar calendar. 

Highlighting Our Members
This year we will be highlighting members who are involved in NON POLITICAL Interfaith activities beyond Daughters of Abraham.

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Metro West Group Visits 
St. John The Evangelist Monastery

Members from the 3 faiths share their impressions

    The visit to St. John the Evangelist Monastery and worship service was moving and also a lot of fun.The chapel was beautiful, and the brothers and others so welcoming.The music was uplifting and soulful, and the majesty of the service was also a surprise (although the incense was a bit intense).The highlight for me was the tour afterward, and seeing the areas where the brothers study, contemplate, and eat.  Learning that Isabella Stewart Gardner gave the land for the monastery and also included in her will that the brothers would do a service at the chapel at her museum was interesting.Speaking with Brother Jeffrey about all that they do, about their other location in the country and about their routines and schedules was illuminating.The best part of all, though, was sharing the experience with the other members of our group, bonding over the shared outing was special.  
    We are hoping to incorporate more such outings and experiences.We all truly believe that increasing the light of tolerance and understanding is rooted in deepening our personal relationships through shared experiences.
  Mindy Milberg (Jewish member)

    I invited my fellow Daughters to join me at the monastery of the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE) in Cambridge, where I usually worship on Sunday mornings.I thought they would find it interesting to observe worship in the monastic tradition.SSJE is the oldest order of monks in The Episcopal Church.It was a joy and a moving experience to pray with a Muslim sister on my right and a Jewish sister on my left.  
Christine Navez (Christian member)

    I enjoyed our visit to the monastery very much. I found the service peaceful. I loved the quiet, contemplative manner tin which the service was conducted.I found a lot of common themes that we also incorporate in our prayers such as repentance, forgiveness, mercy and giving Thanks to God. Wishing each other "may peace be with you" midway through reminded me of our greeting in Islam, "Assalaamu alaykum" which means "may peace be with you" and we respond with "wa alaykum salaam" which mean "and may peace be with you".
    It was enlightening to learn about the daily lives the monks live. Interesting that they practice 6 prayers a day. The church itself too was beautiful yet simple. Unlike some of the churches and cathedrals I've been to, the monastery's church only had 2 small statues of Jesus on the crucifix. I guess it goes along with the simpler lifestyle that the monks live.
Majedah Taliep (Muslim member)

Second Annual Spiritual Retreat Scheduled for July 17, 2016

    There will be a second "Day of Rest and Reflection" this summer, due to the enthusiasm of those who were able to attend last year's event, and the requests of those who could not be there.  It is planned for Sunday, July 17, again at Adelynrood, a retreat center run by the Companions of the Holy Cross, in Byfleld, MA. The grounds of Adelynrood are peaceful and beautiful, and we will have time for both large and small gatherings, with prayer times planned for all three faiths.There will be less of an agenda than we have at our annual Gatherings, and simply time to be quiet and to meet other Daughters.This year, there will probably be a small charge. Please put this date on your calendars!  
    Planning Committee members are:  
Susie Neubauer ( ssneubauer@verizon.net
Sajda Elahi-Gdihi ( mumof2twins@gmail.com
Fran Davis (fdavishbs@gmail,com)  
We have only just begun to plan, so if you have suggestions for us, please send us an email.