JANUARY 2018  |  Student eNewsletter
  1. Submit a Proposal for the 2018 Annual Conference
  2. Power to the Poll's Women's March
  3. FosterClub All-Star Internship Program
  4. NASW Opposes President Trump's Revocation of Temporary Protection
  5. Licensure Prep Sample Questions
  6. Become a BSW or MSW Student Representative
  7. Here's to a Great 2018!

Submit a Proposal for the 2018 Annual Conference!

NASW-PA is now accepting proposals for presentations at the 2018 NASW-PA Annual Conference, September 12 - 14, 2018, at the Kalahari Resort in Pocono Manor, PA.  Your session ideas will help us create a dynamic program full of evidence-based content to propel the social work profession forward within our current social, political, and cultural environment. We invite you to help us make this year's Annual Conference more exciting and informative than ever.   NASW welcomes proposals that address all social work practice areas, and at all levels of practice. You do not need to be a member of NASW to present at our conference!

LauraEllen Ashcraft, our Southwest Division Representative, and a doctoral student at University of Pittsburgh, has created a short video to help you understand the process.

Submissions are being accepted now through February 9, 2018.  Submit now! Click here to get started.  If you have questions or need additional information, please email Amy Sagen at asagen.naswpa@socialworkers.org
Power to the Polls Women's March

This weekend, NASW-Southwest Division came together to celebrate "Power to the Polls" women's march. It was a beautiful day that celebrated the power, strength, and passion of all women's collective voices.

As we know,  social Worker's stand up and are natural advocates for social justice and women's rights. NASW-PA Southwest Division could not have been more honored to represent the values and dedication of all PA social workers.

Did you attend a women's march in PA? Please send some us photos! Contact twoodcook.naswpa@socialworkers.org
FosterClub All-Star Internship Program

The FosterClub All-Star Internship Program was founded on the belief that youth who have successfully transitioned from foster care to responsible young adulthood are best suited to impact the transition of their younger peers. If you are interested in this internship opportunity, learn more here:  https://www.fosterclub.com/all-star-internship
NASW Opposes President Trump's Revocation of Temporary Protection

On January 8, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the end to TPS for El Salvadorans. Congress created TPS in 1990 to grant temporary protection to people who could not return to their home countries because of a political or environmental catastrophe. El Salvador was designated for TPS when the country was struck by a catastrophic earthquake in 2001... read more
Licensure Prep: Sample Questions from the Exam

1. A client of a Gestalt therapist can expect that the therapist will emphasize which of the following as a major goal of therapy:
a) behavioral change
b) awareness
c) reduction of conflict
d) growth

2. Where mutual needs are not being met in a marriage, the social worker should look for the absence of:  
a) homeostasis
b) complimentarity
c) dynamic equilibrium
d) pseudo-mutuality

* Scroll to the bottom of this email for the answers! For more info on the exam, visit us online and/or consider ordering a NASW-PA prep manual!
Become a BSW or MSW Student Representative

We are looking for volunteers to run for a position on the NASW-PA Board of Directors. Students have the opportunity to run for the BSW and MSW Student Representative positions. Have a role in the future of your professional association, build your resume, and develop a strong professional network of social work leaders across the Commonwealth. This is a fantastic opportunity to use and develop your leadership skills to benefit our profession and our clients. Use your existing leadership skills and develop new ones!

DEADLINE is March 26th, so act now! If you are interested in running for one of these Board positions, contact Johanna Byrd, NASW-PA Executive Director, at jbyrd.naswpa@socialworkers.org
Here's to a Great 2018

NASW-PA would like to wish you all a successful, fulfilling 2018. As you start your Spring semester, we encourage you to contact us with questions or for general support in your social work education! Call our office at 717-232-4125, or contact a staff member via email. Here's to a great 2018!
Have an idea for our Student Newsletter? Is your school of social work doing something exciting and note worthy? Would you like to nominate someone for the Student Spotlight? Contact us with suggestions. We want to hear from you!
* Licensure Exam Sample Questions Answer Key:
1. B
2. B

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