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What on Earth Am I Here For
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Volunteer Spotlight
Merritt Flanigan is one of our 2nd and 3rd grade teachers and she is AWESOME!

Merritt is a graduate of CCU and she has been serving as a teacher in children's ministry at least two
Sundays a month for over 5 years. 

Merritt loves helping our 2nd-3rd grade children grow in their relationship with God and others.  Merritt has also been serving as a Big House Dancer since she was in 6th grade!

Thank you Merritt for your love and
dedication to our children and families!

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Crossroads Polar Plunge Winter Retreat

When: Feb. 6-8
Cost:  $50.00
Where: Asbury Hills Retreat Center S.C.
Want to sign up:   Crossroads Polar Plunge Retreat
The Taste of Christmas

This year's Taste of Christmas was a huge success. We had over 5000 people in attendance over the 5 shows and heard many touching stories from this year's event.

A special thank you to Ron Walker for making the Minion costumes! They were such a huge hit with all the kids!

For an idea of some of those involved in TOC, you can watch the credits video here!
Also, a huge thank you to all those who greeted, helped with parking, and brought treats!
If you are interested or have ideas for next year, contact Sarah Wiseman.
I went to Walmart with 30 tickets to hand out for the Taste of Christmas, especially looking for families shopping together.
I approached a family: a wife, a husband and three children. I asked if they would be interested in free tickets for the Taste of Christmas at Christ United Methodist Church. The lady turned around and looked at me and said, "You are the one who gave us free tickets last year for the Taste of Christmas and yes, we would love to go again."

I did not recognize the family but for some reason the lady remembered me. What is the chance of meeting the same family a year later. God works in mysterious ways. I praised the Lord for this opportunity to share our church with other people, it leaves the door open.

- Bob Budner
On December 20th, we had a huge group of girls sleep over at our house.  It was so exciting to see girls connecting with each other and creating deeper relationships. 

Not only did the girls have fun, but they also had a Bible study and shared what they were thankful for this Christmas season.  One of the girls who struggles socially at times spoke up and said, "I am thankful for every girl in this circle.  I am thankful that I have a place to go where I am not made fun of". 

When I was told this my heart leaped!  We have a wonderful group of kids who are learning to love each other unconditionally.

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Crossroads Website

- Lathan Hickey 
What can a Motorcycle Ministry, 3 life groups,
and friends accomplish
in an hour???

Wrapping 165 gifts for kids!!!

So ... a huge "Thank you!"

First, to our Savior Jesus Christ who brought all these folks together!! Also to the Sons of God, Chapter 40, Women In Christ, Sisters in Christ, FISH, and all the folks who donated paper and tape, and the Hamilton family.

A special thank you to my brother for loaning us his trailer.

God Bless you all!!!
It was a fantastic day! 

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-Debbie Causey

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Reaching the World
Mission Trip

Did you know that in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa alone, there are 700,000 children without parents?
That's enough to fill up Horry County nearly 2.5 times!...and we're going back.

Last year, 11 of us traveled to East London, South Africa where God provided 200 kids daily for us to
share His love and grace with
throughout the week.

Our biggest news, is the conformation that two of the orphans we met, will be adopted in the upcoming year(s) by two of the team members on that trip. Praise God!

This time we are focusing on orphans, and a partnership with an up and coming children's home, UkuThemba that was created with Christ United.

We can not wait to see what God has in store for this trip and how the relationships built will flourish in His name.

If you are interested in getting more information on this trip or how you can help, there will be a meeting on Sunday, January 18th after the 11:15 service in the Outlet, located in the lobby. You can also contact Emily Kessie at erhefner6@yahoo.com
Operation Christmas Child

Our congregation donated 357 filled shoe boxes to
Operation Christmas Child. A huge thank you to all who participated.

For more info on Operation Christmas Child,
check out their website: Operation Christmas Child

Capps in Japan

The Capps welcomed their baby girl, Joli Joy Capp, into the world on 11/8/2014. Please pray for her and Rachael's recovery from the birth. And please pray also for our finances and our return to Tokyo. If you could prayerfully consider supporting us at around $50 a month, that would help us tremendously. Thank you, and God bless!

 - The Capp Family 

Twitter: Follow the Capps

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Ricardo in France

"If you had told me I would experience firsthand the liberation of captives from the slavery of occult practices I would have been sure you were talking about my trip to Uganda or Honduras or even to the Dominican Republic.
But if you'd said I'd do so in a highly developed country in Western Europe I would never have believed you."

 - Ricardo Walker

Twitter: Follow Ricardo

Blog: Ricardo's Blog

email: walker.ricardo@gmail.com
Vanessa in the Dominican Republic

He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."
 - Mark 16:15

That is exactly what God has put in Vanessa's heart. Vanessa is going into the medical ministry in the Dominican Republic.
For more information visit

Twitter: Follow Vanessa

Vanessa on Facebook

email: vanessa.suggs@gmail.com
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