Save These Dates!

January 14th @ 11:00 
Frolic LYFE group begins!

February 25 @1 pm - 2 pm
Copper Street Brass presents family music event, "Big Ears and the Blue Ox." in the Sanctuary

June 16 - June 24   
*New* Family Mission Trip Opportunity!  Henderson Settlement in Red Bird Mission Conference (

June 24 - June 30        

July 8 - July 11             
Earth Camp

July 20 - July 28           
Sr. High Mission Trip

July 23 - July 27           
Joyful Uproar

August 6 - August 10   
Vacation Bible Camp "ROME: Paul and the Underground Church"
Sunday Snap Shot

Last Week (1/7)
Jesus in the Temple

This Wee k (1/14) 
Jesus Calls Disciples

Next Week (1/21)
The Beatitudes                    

  Connect - Big Kids
Last Week (1/7)  Authority
This Week (1/14)   Baptism
Next week (1/21)  12 Disciples

Re:form - Club 67
Last Week (1/7)   Bible Jeopardy
This Week (1/14)   12 Disciples
Next Week (1/21)  Simon Peter

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Let's Plan the PERFECT Party for Paul Bunyan!

"Big Ears and the Blue Ox" is an original interactive concert presentation with brass instruments, drums, and narrator designed for children ages 2 - 10. The concert takes kids on a trip through the Minnesota woods while they help Big Ears the Rabbit build the perfect song for Paul Bunyan's birthday party. Along the way, children learn how to carefully listen for musical concepts like melody, rhythm and harmony while singing and moving their bodies to the music. 

Come along with us and join the party!

Sunday, February 25, 1:00pm
HAUMC Sanctuary

A New Frolic LYFE Group is beginning on Sunday, January 14th @11:00!
The focus of this group is p arents supporting parents as we help our children take their first steps of faith! 

We will gather with children in the Social Hall to enjoy brunch together.  Then children will head off to their own programming in room 103, while parents have time together.  Our first topic will be: 

"Bringing Our Best Selves to Parenting"  
Facilitated by Terese Guettler-RN, Holistic Health expert, Healthy Pregnancy Coach, and Lynne Carroll - Director of Children and Family Ministries.

Future classes include:
February 11th - 
Family Lenten and Easter Practices
How to Talk with Our Kids About the Easter Story

March 11th - 
Interfaith Dialogue with Our Kids

Communication with children can be difficult at times, especially on the topic of human sexuality.
This retreat is designed for 5th and 6th graders and their parents.  The Created by God experience emphasizes a healthy biblical and Christian perspective on human sexuality, values, and relationships. 
February 16@6pm-February 17@11am
Register at

January is Homelessness Awareness Month. Every week in Chapel Time we will discuss this issue with our Hennepin Kids. Our month of raising awareness will culminate on Sunday, January 28th by celebrating the Sabbath to End Homelessness in the Traditional Worship Service and then the Super Bowl Host Committee sponsored event called, "Bold Hope in the North".  This event is a collaboration by the Downtown Coalition to End Homelessness and showcases some of the best local talent that the Twin Cities has to offer!  

Every week we will offer a challenge to help families connect with this important issue:
Week One: Sleep 
While you may be used to sleeping in a large, comfy bed, many people around the world - including in the US - have no beds.  If you are physically able, sleep on the floor tonight with no mattress, no pillow, and no blanket. 
Araya Refugee family has a minimally furnished apartment.  Therefore they need some additional things that will make life much easier for them.  Please email Ann Carlson with questions or notification of your intent to donate something, so we can avoid duplication.

"Creating Opportunities for Better Lives Through Christ-Centered Service"

The Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky, is home to 23,000 people who live in extreme poverty. This summer, make it your family's mission to live life through service to them: join us on a mission trip sponsored by the United Methodist Conference, led by Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. Set in the beautiful mountains of Appalachia, the Henderson Settlement offers comfortable accommodations and meaningful service work for volunteers of all ages. Registrations and $200 per person deposit are due  March 30 Total cost is $400 per person (includes lodging and food, transportation, and overnight at church there and back). 

To register, visit . For questions or information contact Becky Boland, . To learn more about the Henderson Settlement, visit

The Values Project is a year-long initiative designed to equip families to raise children who thrive emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Get inspiration, practical ideas, family activities, and parenting tips from our network of seasoned parents and faith leaders, because it takes a village to raise a good human. Each month we'll explore a different value-like honesty, loyalty, creativity, kindness, and more.

In a world full of lying, blaming, and cheating, teaching children about honesty comes best in one form: by example.

Written by  Tera Michelson

It was a parenting moment to remember. While putting away clean laundry, I found the top of an antique dresser freshly marked with a carving. The offending tool, a contorted paperclip, still lay nearby, mocking me. This was going to take more than a little mama spit to fix. It didn't take much sleuthing to find the culprit: the carving was the full name of my middle child. What's a Mama to do? Read More
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And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.
- Micah 6:8