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August 2010
August 2010 Newsletter
Modern Romance
Mackinney Avenue Contemporary
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New Works
40" x 46"
oil on canvas

Transcendence ~ click on image to visit Gallery

This artwork is now available at, and the gallery chose to feature it on their front page.

Transcendence is a painting about the translucence of sunlight as it meets the tree tops and forms a border, an edge, a scene I find absorbing and meditatively soothing. I built this painting in many painstaking layers of glazes (thin, washes of color), and to ensure that the final image had a sense of the depth of leaves and their movement that I was observing in real life.

This is part of my Geometric Trees series, which was in part predicated on the idea of the pixel, and by the realization that many people experience nature and the world through a screen.
Modern Romance
46" x 60"
oil on canvas

Modern Romance ~ click on image to visit gallery
Modern Romance
This artwork is now available at

Modern Romance derives as all my work does from my love of nature. In this large artwork, I find a contemporary way to bring a more historic style to this genre. It continues my work examining canvas division, and rhythmic pattern.

I was captivated by this tree near my studio, with the red blossoms that sat like nodes in a web of silver branches. There are so many subtle details in this work: the blossoms with their delicate stalks and stamen; the glinting light that dapples the branches, the movement in the greenery in the distance; the blue-white shifting sky.

My style references the Romance period, although

the composition is entirely modern, hence my title.
Shows & Exhibitions

Mackinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas

On The Edge ~ 8" x 10"
On the Edge
This piece was shown and sold at the "Borders" show in August. It was one of only a couple of pieces chosen to be reviewed by J Compton of the Dallas Arts Revue:

"Not sure what the point is [in relation to the theme of the show "borders"], but it works. Simple. Colorful. There's an odd depth that flits from light and medium to dark and back that never once interfered with my seeing. Like the subject has slipped the surely bonds of pseudo-realism, splashed through a little high color contrast abstraction, then eases back into whatever's left. Artist's reality." JR Compton, Dallas Arts Revue
Studio2Gallery, Austin, Texas
Poet Tree Exhibit

Tree of Paradise, 36" x 36"
Profile Photograph
Two pieces were selected for a juried exhibition at Studio2Gallery in Austin. The theme was 'poetry about trees', and so my works were a very good fit!

I enjoyed the opening reception, which featured great art and live poetry readings. It was great to meet Tina Weitz, owner and juror.

Tree of Paradise (shown left) and Summer Trees are featured there until September 18.

After the end of the show, both pieces will be available directly from my studio.
Magazine Features & Press
Write-ups & articles
Impermance ~ oil on board.

I have been interviewed for several publications these past few weeks about my art.

Sennelier Website
Sennelier were the paint manufacturers in Paris who supplied the Impressionists. I visited their venerable rive gauche shop in Paris earlier this year.

Ten Minutes with Alison Jardine
Ennyman asked some more personal questions and delves into some of the experiences that shaped me as an artist.

21 Artists to Watch on Twitter
I was very flattered to be included in this list of artists.

Escape Into Life
This interview was commissioned and edited by Chris Al-Aswad, founder of Escape Into Life, an astonishingly fresh and passionate arts journal. Sadly, just a few weeks after our conversations, Chris passed away. He was an incredibly talented young man, and will be missed by so many people.

I painted Impermance (right) after hearing of Chris's death. It is the start of a series of expressive still lifes featuring broken glasses, and delving into the effect of loss and grief on our lives.

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Me and My Tree
Profile Photograph
I use traditional oil-on-canvas techniques to render digitally distorted and filtered images of nature.

My works often feature trees with pixelated leaves, forests in infrared, and geometric snowstorms woven with fractal branches.

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