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Happy November, hope this month finds you happy, hearty and hardy!
Check out the November Calendar, our Ball Classes are back, 9am and 6pm, first 4 Friday's in November! Just bring beautiful "you"along with your dance partner(your Ball) to class, no mat or weights required.  And a bonus point toward the attendance game for attending Friday's!
Speaking of attendance game, yet to keep you motivated during the busy holiday season we have our 2012"Winter Attendance Game". Attend 20 classes between November 1st - December 22nd and you will earn the cute sparkle bag!   

Now available four mornings each week. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun & positive childminding atmosphere so you mom's/caregivers can have an hour of fun for yourself to keep fit! For more information please check out our Onsite Childminding Policies or call/email us anytime.


To help make your Jazzercise workout a fun and pleasant experience, please read our

10 Top Tips   


To see the latest tunes, see Paula and Jay's November Playlist. 


Need any more info, have questions, want to chat, or, we would love for to share your fabulous success stories?
Please reply to this email to reach us directly. paula and jay


Keep it Jazzy,

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If you're looking for gift ideas...we got you covered. Check out the cute candle with a deal for 12 Jazzercise classes, the whole thing is just $20!
Don't you love this sparkly bag? You can earn this if you attend 20 classes November 1 through December 24. Sign up after class!
Cardio Core & Strength Training Exercises with the Resistance Ball

Our Resistance Ball circuit workout focuses on using an exercise ball to strengthen all of the muscles in the abs and back including the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal/external obliques and the erector spinae, as well as building lean muscle throughout the arms and legs. Using the ball through movement, to strengthen your core, these moves will also challenge your balance, stability and overall coordination, making this a multi-purpose workout.

To Find out why these simple, lightweight, inexpensive rubber resistance bands can help you burn off fat while increassing lean muscle mass and improving overall fitness, please read our STRENGTH TRAINING AND RESISTANCE BANDS article 




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