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From the President:
Hello Jeeps members. 

Can you believe that this weekend is the half way point of the 2017 Supercross series. The first two races have been great races, but we see the need for some more volunteers to help the next four races run even better & smoother.

Don't forget this weekend, on Sunday, is the meet Jeeps & ride with Mid America Powersports. We still could use some more volunteers, bikes & gear for this event.

As mentioned above we could use some more help for the SX races & the ride day. If you're willing to help, please give us a call.

Marc Sattler
Jeeps Club President
316-288-4200 - Cell
Upcoming Events
  • July 15 - 3rd Round Park City Supercross Series with FT - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • July 15 - 3rd Round Great Plains Flat Track Series with SX - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • July 16 - Ride with MAP Day - Jeeps Free Ride Day (Details Below)

  • July 22,23 - Round 5 KMCS - Platter Hill - Winfield, KS

  • July 29 - 4th Round Park City Supercross Series - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • August 6 - 2nd Round Jeeps Hare Scramble Series - Jeeps Motorcycle Club
    Grand Prix Format
    2 - 30 minutes motos plus 1 lap

  • August 26 - 5th Round Park City Supercross Series with FT - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • August 26 - 4th Round Great Plains Flat Track Series with SX - Jeeps Motorcycle Club
Volunteer Opportunities Coming Up

There are a lot of opportunities to help out your club and get your volunteer hours completed.  Below is a sampling of the jobs/events coming up that will need help.

Clubhouse Cleaning Party - July 13 @ 7pm
We need help getting the clubhouse cleaned for the Supercross race on July 15 and the Ride with MAP and Meet Jeeps Day on July 16.

T-Shirt Sales
Trash Cleanup
Weed Eating / Mowing
Track Set up

If you can help with any of this, please contact:
Daryl Walter (316-288-0730)
Scott VanCuren (620-899-5495)

Volunteers needed for Sunday, July 16 for the Ride with MAP and Meet Jeeps Day
Front Gate - Waiver Sign In
Breakfast - Serving, Cleanup
New Rider Area - We need LOTS of help with this activity!
Lunch - Cooks, Serving Help, Cleanup
Water Stations - Monitor and keeps jugs filled

Even if you can't join in the fun, you may be able to help!
We also need the following items to use for the day:
Pit Bikes for New Rider Area (PW50s, 110s, TTR's, etc.)
Helmets and Goggles for New Rider Area
5 Gallon Water Jugs (We need 4)
BBQ Grills

Please call or text Diana Sattler at 316-288-4204 to sign up to help or if you have items we can use for the day. This is a great way to get your volunteer hours in by welcoming potential new members!
Jeeps Has a NEW Website
On July 1st, Jeeps Motorcycle Club went live with their new website.

This has been months in development and we hope the new mobile friendly layout works better to give you the information you need quickly.

Please check out our new website. We would love to hear some feedback from you.
KMCS has a Website

Make sure you visit the new KMCS website.

It is packed full of information about the Kansas Motocross Championship Series.

Race schedules, track information, contingency and rules can all be found here.

Side by Side's and Jeeps
We have had a lot of discussion lately about the use of Side by Side's at Jeeps so we want to go over the rules for Side by Side's with you.

Side by Side's (UTV's, SxS, ROV) will not be allowed on any track at Jeeps.

You can operate a SxS in the pits only, to and from the different tracks, and only below 10mph.

A Whip must be attached to the vehicle.

We have come up with these rules for the safety of our riders.

Please visit our website for a complete list of Jeep's Club Rules.
Look what Jeeps is giving away this year
Brand New 2015 Model Honda Grom
Jeeps is giving away not just one but two 2015 Honda Grom's this year. We will be giving one away for the Park City Jeeps Supercross Series and another will be given away at the Park City Great Plains Flat Track Series.

Details on how to win this bad boy are available on our website.
MAP is putting on a Ride Day
Mid-America Powersports Ride Day Event. Sunday, July 16th, 2017

This is going to be a fun time to come out and meet one of our Jeep's sponsors. We are going to have Breakfast and Lunch. We will have a new rider area where you can bring out new riders, and we will teach them how to ride. It is a free ride day for everyone, Jeeps member or not. Invite anybody and everybody to join you July 16 at the MAP Ride Day at Jeeps. This will be a fun day with activities for everyone.

Schedule of Events:
  • Free Breakfast - 9:00am
  • Demo Rides with MAP
  • Learn to Ride a Motorcycle
  • Free Lunch  - Hamburgers and Hotdogs
  • Open Riding till 3:00pm - 6+ Tracks and Riding Areas
  • Tracks and Grounds Tour
    For more information, visit our website and check out the News and Events section
Sponsor of the Month
Every month we will have one of our sponsors featured in our newsletter.

This month is Mid America Powersports located in Wichita, KS. If you need anything motorcycle, dirt bike, atv, side by side related, make sure you visit Mid America Powersports.

Address: 333 N. West Street                
               Wichita, KS 67203
Phone:    316-945-8221
Did you Know?
Did you know that as a Jeeps Motorcycle Club member, you could get in to all Jeeps Events for Free? Yes, that's right, I said FREE!! Sign up for a membership and if you volunteer for 3 hours of work per quarter (after your initial 4 hours of mandatory work), you can get in to any Jeeps Hosted Event for FREE!!! The 3 hours that you volunteer is for all members on the card. So if you and little Timmy go out and both work for 1.5 hours each, you have your 3 hours. It's easy and benefits both you and the club. So Join at the next Business Meeting and start getting those hours in. Just talk to any Jeeps Officer or Board member for more details.
Board Members and Officers 
Daryl Walter - Chairman
Tim Campbell
Dan East
Tammy Heeb
Terry DeBoard
Kevin Adcock
Diana Sattler
Nanette Chippeaux
Donnie Stiver

Marc Sattler - President
Scott VanCuren - Vice-President
Shallom VanCuren - Treasurer
Don Chippeaux - Secretary

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