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Jeff Pelletier's Newsletter

Issue 2 May 2011 

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Executives Without Borders
Spotlight: Devin Beck
2011 By The Numbers
Executives Without Borders- Haiti - What is Needed Now?

Executives Without Borders- Haiti - What is Needed Now?

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Hey Everyone! 
Welcome to Issue 2 of my Newsletter. The mailing list continues to grow, please feel free to add anyone by clicking on the link to the left. It has been a great start at Executives Without Borders and I am excited for our upcoming projects! Be sure to check out our video on Haiti and What is Needed Now. I hope all is well with everyone!
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 Executives Without Borders
Honduran Daycare
Honduran Daycare a product of community development

 A few facts about ExecWB...

  • Why we exist- There are outstanding non-profit organizations all around the world who could have an even greater impact on those that they serve if they were given access to top business knowledge, talent and resources. Also, there are companies and business professionals all around the world looking for meaningful ways to give back and help others.
  • How we help- We identify successful non-profits who with the support of the business community can take their organization to even higher levels. Next, we collaborate with companies and professionals who leverage their abilities to add value to our non-profit partners, to explore new business opportunities for their organizations and to experience a lasting sense of achievement for themselves.
  • Where we work- We are currently working in Honduras, Haiti, Sudan, India and Brazil. We are supporting our partners to: provide life saving medical care, sustainable community development, girl's education, improve the environment, create new jobs and promote new economic opportunities.
  • How to learn more and get involved- To learn more about us you can click on the links to the left and visit our website as well as watch our video about Haiti and What is Needed Now. If you are interested in getting involved please send me an email!


Spotlight: Devin Beck
Devin and I
Devin and I at Graduation
I would like to introduce everyone to Devin Beck. Not only is Devin one of my best friends but he also has a strong desire to help others. Devin has gotten involved in his community by  working with the Big Brother program and has helped those from another country as a generous contributor to my Honduras fundraiser. Now, Devin is an example of how a PGA Golf Professional can give back by teaching the values of the game to young people and by being a positive role model to those who look up to him. I'm proud to call Devin my friend! 


2011 By The Numbers
  • In the first 135 days of 2011 I have...
  • Spent 102 days traveling
  • Slept in 10 different Hotels
  • Stayed in 4 different Households
  • Been in 14 different States
  • Lived in 2 different Countries
  • And I have loved every minute of it!
Honduras Countryside
Honduras Countryside
I hope everyone enjoyed this month's Newsletter. Please continue to invite your family and friend's to join! If anyone would like to get involved with Executives Without Borders please send me an email. Thanks for all your support!