Despite a late blizzard followed by another soft snow, then heavy rain and wind that brought debris into the garden and up into the tree branches, the Garden opened! Volunteer Gardeners from our community under the direction of Horticulturist/Landscape Designer Susan Sipos pulled back the winter blanket of leaves and debris.

Now Volunteer Gate Greeters are welcoming visitors at the gate. Please join us in this unique green space during our hours 9am-dusk, Tuesday through Sunday, weather permitting. The Garden is closed on Mondays for maintenance by our Volunteer Gardeners and visits by school and community groups.

After the Garden closed for the winter, the Garden supply shed was replaced, another shed for Garden Volunteer supplies was added, and a wooden fence was put in place around the storage area for security.

Although our roses in our beloved Rose Garden had to be removed in the Fall because of a return of Rose Rosette Disease, a generous donor made it possible for the Board to allocate funds for replanting the roses for a glorious display this summer. Watch it bloom! Smell the roses!

Jefferson Market Garden is YOUR garden: A unique fragile environment that requires constant repairs to infrastructure and diligent attention to the needs of its flowering plants, shrubs and trees that are presented according to the highest design and horticultural standards. It is a passive space for respite where, in the Greenwich Village tradition, writers, poets, artists gain inspiration. Others come to meet and make friends, watch birds, breathe fresh air, walk their dogs, read, amuse their children or simply rest.
We thank YOU for your generous support that allows Jefferson Market Garden to serve our special community. It is your donations and the work of our volunteers that keep our garden flourishing in our community.

With Kindest Regards,
George Paulos , Chair & Elizabeth Butson , Vice Chair