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 Jelly Needs Your Help on Fabulous $5 Friday!

Have you ever wondered how much difference your donation really makes? 


We want you to know exactly how your donation is used. We give you the opportunity to donate for a specific AARF foster pet. And we'll keep you updated on how your donation is making a difference.  


Jelly Needs Your Help! 

Biscuit and Jelly are the newest additions 
to the AARF adoption program.

Jelly and Biscuit joined the AARF adoption program last week from the DeKalb County shelter. They had both been there for several months, and had basically grown up at the shelter. These kittens are two of the sweetest we have ever met! We are so happy to be able to get them out!


Biscuit is doing great and settling in at the cat adoption room at AARF Pet Central. Unfortunately, Jelly isn't having as easy of a time. She is battling a tough upper respiratory infection and a urinary tract infection. We are hopeful that she'll make a full recovery from both, but in the meantime, she needs some help from the vet. And we need your help to get her the vet care and medications that she needs to try to get healthy.


Jelly is currently at our foster director's house while she tries to get healthy.

If you are interested in adopting a great kitten, stop by and meet Biscuit at AARF Pet Central! And when sweet Jelly is healthy, she'll be looking for her forever home, too.



Betty Jo Still Needs Your Help!


Betty Jo was adopted from AARF as a puppy almost 5 years ago. When her mom had got married and had a human baby, poor Betty Jo was returned to AARF. Because we didn't have a foster home available for her, she has been in boarding since coming back to us. 


The stress of being abandoned by her family and being in boarding has taken a real toll on Betty Jo. She has had two surgeries on her tail since she came back to AARF, and is also now on anxiety medication. She is doing as well as she can in boarding, but we'd really like to get her into a foster home. 


Betty Jo's boarding and vet bill is continually growing. Can you sponsor a day of her boarding ($10) or a session with a trainer to work on her anxiety? 


If you would like to foster Betty Jo or know someone else who might be interested,  learn more about our foster program and fill out a foster application here.


 If the link above doesn't work for you, please click here.