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Want to provide a program for your advanced Hebrew language learners who need a more challenging program? "Ivrit Plus" is a new asynchronous Hebrew language program that utilizes online learning to give advanced learners access to authentic Hebrew experiences and promote Hebrew proficiency.


 The Giving Tree -- Shemittah 5775   

Shemittah - the Sabbatical year - is a treasure of Jewish law that was all but forgotten during the 2000 year exile of the Jews from their land. With the rebirth of Jewish agriculture in the Land of Israel 125 years ago, the law suddenly became relevant again. This course examines the challenges entailed in the revival of this ancient law within a modern context, and its impact on daily life. Students will "meet" Israelis who discuss how they observe shemittah and its meaning to them.

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"I am very impressed by the work done this year. You brought our learning to a very high and stimulating level. I wish you hatzlacha and continued communication with our students." S.B., teacher of Navi Class, Hebrew Academy of Montreal    


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