Be sure to take advantage of all our specials for Monday as fish such as Red Snapper and Large Clams have a limited availability.  Check out Cobia Trim for just $4.95/lb, New Jersey Monkfish at $8.99/lb and Dayboat Cod at $7.99/lb.  We also have a special promotion on Jidori Eggs at $4.59/dz.
January 15th FEATURED ITEM
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Jidori Eggs
Cage Free, Farm Fresh
Beautiful, Orange Yolk
Irresistible , Rich Flavor

Tonight's Price: $4.59/dz

In Honor of National Pastrami Day!
Enjoy Ducktrap River of Maine

Ducktrap River of Maine
Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon
Sliced 2-3 lb Sides
Make a Delicious Twist to a Classic Reuben!

Tonight's Price: $12.75/lb

Sleepy Lobsters
Great for Restaurant Week
Tonight's Price: $3.99/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Homarus americanus
Wild, Canada
Pot Caught
Jersey Monkfish
Large Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $8.99/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Lophius americanus
Wild, USA
Bottom Trawl
Spanish Mackerel
Fresh Fillets
Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb
Green "Best Choice"
Scomberomorus maculatus
Wild, USA
Midwater Gillnet


Pacific Stone 
Crab Claws

Medium, 6-8/lb: $13.99/lb
Jumbo, 2-4/lb: $19.75/lb
Wild Doctor Fish
Caught off Senegal
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb

Rainbow Trout
Local Rainbow Trout
From the Poconos

Whole Fish:  $5.95/lb
6-9 Oz Sk/On Fillets: $9.95/lb
Nordic Redfish
Medium Firm, Clean Flavor
Skin on, Boneless Fillets

Tonight's Price:  $7.59/lb

Live Mussels
Caught off Canada
2 lb Bags

Tonight's Price: $3.75/bg
Market Cod
Dayboat Catch from MA
House Cut Fillets
Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb
Arctic Char
Raised in Iceland
8-14 oz Fillets
Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Shishito Peppers
Sweet with Heat!
1/2 Bushel Case
Tonight's Price: $24.99/cs
Black Garlic
Savory and Sweet
Molasses Like Texture
Tonight's Price: $21.99/lb
Canterbury Cure 
Smoked White Sturgeon
Sold by the lb
Tonight's Price: $23.95/lb
California Uni
Wild Caught
210 Gram Tray
Tonight's Price: $50.99/ea
Fresh Loins
Single Eye, Center Cut
Tonight's Price:  $14.29/lb
Oyster of the Evening
Acadian Pearl
New Brunswick

Tonight's Price:  $0.85/ea
Fresh Cobia Trim
House Cut
For Perfect Tacos

Tonight's Price: $4.95/lb

Pink Sea Bram
Wild Caught off Senegal
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price:  $8.99/lb
Wild Isles Salmon
Raised off Scotland
Skin on, 3-4 lb Fillets

Tonight's Price: $11.95/lb
Fresh Crabmeat
From Venezuela 
Jumbo Lump: $22.99/lb
Claw Meat:  $5.50/lb
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Sashimi Quality
Fresh Fillets

Tonight's Price: $11.99/lb

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