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Or...create your own Beauty Basket and Lily
can include whatever
items you like.

No charge for the gold basket and gift wrapping!

Featured Suggestion:
Ahava Body Lotion ($28.00),
Dry Oil Body Mist ($42.00),
Hand Cream ($23.00).

Order your/her favorite items
by clicking on the Ahava
Body Care Page:

Hair Care Products
are such a great treat!

Featured Suggestion:
Davines Nourishing Shampoo ($27.00), Nourishing Conditioner ($32.00) and Oi Oil ($23.00).

Order your/her hair care
items by clicking on the Davines Hair Care Page:

Mini sizes of Shampoo's
and Conditioners are available. Who wouldn't 
love this as a gift?

Featured Suggestions
Left to Right:
Nou Nou Shampoo - $13.00 (2.5 oz.) 
Nou Nou Conditioner - $13.00 (2.5 oz.) 
Oi Shampoo - $14.00 (3.04 oz.)
Gift Wrapped!
Oi Conditioner - $16.00 (2.64 oz.)
Gift Wrapped!
Love Shampoo - $13.00 (2.5 oz.) 
Love Conditioner - $13.00 (2.5 oz.)


  We have lots of suggestions for uber-fantastic beauty items so feel free to call or email if you need inspirational suggestions.

You can't go wrong by
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