A smile, a twinkle in his eye, humor that only he could deliver.  A helping hand, a good friend, an American Patriot, and an active member of our Club...these words describe Joe O'Toole.  May he rest in God's arms, and my we fondly remember the man who touched our hearts. 

Dear Members, 

It is the phone call we don't want to receive, or the news we don't want to hear, yet it comes, and in its arrival our hearts are saddened, and we grieve.

Today, I sadly inform you, that our member, Joe O'Toole, passed away this afternoon.

A few weeks ago, Joe fell and broke his hip; after surgery there were complications.  His family; children, and grandchildren, were at his bedside.

Arrangements have not yet been disclosed, but as soon we know details, we will pass that information on to all of you.

The family has designated Betty Crocker as their spokesperson to keep us all informed.  All information from Betty will be communicated to all of you as soon as it is received.

Please keep Joe's family in your prayers.  To us, he is a good friend, to them, he is Dad, and Grandpa.

With great sadness,

Judi Neal
President, Mountain View Republican Club