St. Rose School
St. Rose Report for October 22, 2017
Dear St. Rose Families,

Jog-a-thon Award Assembly and Reminders

Mrs. Nippert, Mrs. Kelly, and Mrs. Clary are excited for our assembly this Thursday at 2:40. We will be giving prizes to the top runners and top money raisers for our Knight's Color Run. We still have about $600 in pledges that have not yet been returned. Please get those last minute pledges in by Tuesday morning so we have an accurate totals explaining what the school earned this year. Thank you again to all of our volunteers, staffs, parents, and students who made this a fun and successful event.

Personal Safety for our Students

All effective safety programs begin with education and understanding. For example, bicycle safety starts with knowing how a bicycle works and understanding the risks involved with bicycling. Learning about personal boundaries is the first step to personal safety. Good boundaries yield a lifetime of healthy relationships. The more we know about boundaries and safety issues, the more we can protect ourselves and others. This why the archdiocese mandates that Catholic school provide instruction to our student on Touching Safety. Touching safety lessons will be giving during the end of October and April to every class at St. Rose Parish School as part of this mandate. Please review the included links for more information about the program. You can also contact your classroom teacher or the main office for further clarification.

Please sign-up to help with the Monster Mash!

Yours in Christ always,

Catherine Strader
Important Events
Monday, October 23
Student Council Meeting @ 12:00

Tuesday, October 24
Art Appreciation (5-8)
Jog-a-thon Assembly @ 2:40

Thursday, October 26
Mass @ 10:50
Monster Mash Set-up @ 2:20 - 8:00

Friday, October 27
Monster Mash Set-up @ 8:00 - 5:00
in the St. Rose Parish Center

Sunday, October 29
Virtus Training @ 1:00 - 4:00
in the St. Rose Parish Center

Monday, October 30
Book Fair Begins

Wednesday, November 1
8:30 All Saints Day Mass
Saints Museum by 4th Grade after Mass

Don't forget to sign up to bring something, help decorate, or support the night of the Monster Mash. This is one of the most fun events for students and families.
Virtus Training
This is a required training class for all parents and supporters of St. Rose School and parish. If you are a new parent you must take this class before you volunteer to work with our students. This includes driving for field trips, working at the school as a volunteer, and helping with our community and fundraising events. When signing up, select Seattle (Archdiocese) and St. Rose de Virtebo training date. Contact the main office if you need assistance.
October 30 - November 3
This year's theme: "Wild, Wild, West!"

Round-up a great collection of campfire tales, and frontier legends.
No horse-trading :).

Contact the librarian to volunteer.
St. Rose students are
Christ-like in word, action, and relationships!

The Knight of Columbus Student of the Month award was given to Lachlan Piper at Mass last Thursday. He was chosen as the student of the month by his teachers for his focus on his classroom studies, and his willingness to give support to his fellow classmates and teachers during the month of September. Congratulations Lachlan Piper!
Join the Journey
Virtue of the Month for October
Being Considerate
You can help you child better understand this virtue by sharing that being considerate is about the following 7 habits:

  1. Being empathetic
  2. Smiling often
  3. Sensing others' needs
  4. Minding manners
  5. Taking care of oneself and others
  6. Being patient
  7. Apologizing when warranted

Being considerate is not just about how we behave towards others, but how we behave respectfully towards ourselves too

Talk to your child about what it means to be
considerate. Find examples in their readings or in a favorite family film. When you are out and about, ask them to identify situations in which people are being considerate of one another. Help them to think about what it means to be respectful of themselves as well.

"The ultimate test of your greatness is the way you treat every human being."'

Pope John Paul II
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