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JNB Inktober Sale
Beautiful autumn-inspired colors make practice more fun!
Finetec is loved by calligraphers and artists for its smooth texture and bright sparkles. This palette brings together colors found in a beautiful autumn sunrise.
$37.13 SALE $29.50

You can also get the individual pans, our curated palettes, Moire and Pearl sets, and the popular gold set for up to 30% the retail price on our website.
Rich, warm walnut ink will give your writing a vintage feel!
This rich, sepia-colored ink is made from the hulls of the Black Walnut tree. Wide-mouth, 1 oz glass jar. 
$8.00 SALE $6.00
Comes with the supplies needed for making your own walnut ink.
2 oz Kit $12.95 SALE $9.95
4 oz Kit $19.95 SALE $14.95
Winsor & Newton and Spectralite will add some sparkle to your lettering!
I88. Winsor & Newton Iridescent Medium. An easy way to add some sparkle to your projects. Mix with your favorite inks to produce an iridescent effect. $8.75 SALE 7.95
Made from the finest ground pigments in the world, Spectralite Private Collection is a liquid acrylic that flows like watercolor. 
Available in three metallic colors: Gold, Silver, Copper. Also available: Black, White. $7.45 JNB $6.71 each
If you are looking for a color and aren't sure which to choose, you can try our sample size inks to find the right color!
Sample Size Inks
SA-I142. Richtone Color Ink Sample Size Jars. $2.95
 SA-I123. Sample Size Noodler's Ink. $3.95
SA-I153. Sample Size Ecoline Liquid Watercolor. $2.95
SA-GOLD. Gold Ink Sampler Sets. Set #1. $25.95 Set #2. $15.95
SA-WHT. White Ink Sampler Set.  $25.95
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Featured Products
Vintage Zaner-Bloser Books from 1951 and 1965!
Limited stock. Buy both at a discount!
B4212. Vintage Zaner-Bloser Book Set
Set includes B4205. Fascinating Pen Flourishing and B4211. C. C. Canan Collection of Penmanship. ($85.00 if purchased separately) $75.00 
B4205. Fascinating Pen Flourishing: Containing a Complete Course and a Collection of Masterpieces Produced by Leading Penmen of the Penmanship Profession. Edited by E.A. Lupfer. 1951 Edition. Published by Zaner-Bloser Company. 80pp. 8.5" x 11". Staple bound with a blue paper cover. $30.00
Instruction for basic flourishing and step-by-step illustrations of designing of banners, rendering quills with a variety of barb styles, and the strokes used in each part of creating a bird. Includes a gallery of of 150 flourished examples by masterful penmen.
B4211. C.C. Canan Collection of Penmanship: Including specimens of his best work in Business Writing, Ornamental Penmanship, Flourishings, Lettering and Pen Drawing. Published by The Zaner-Bloser Company. 1965 Edition. 64pp. 9.25" x 11.25". Staple bound with a green paper cover. $55.00
Includes two pages on Canan's career; brief instruction; examples of business writing, card writing, off-hand flourishing, letter writing, quotations, and poetry; 11 Artistic (Ornamental) Spencerian script capital alphabets.  
P86. Logos Calligraphy Copperplate Pad. 7"x10" pad of 35 perforated pages with instructional breakdowns and traceable letters. Perfect for those who are just getting into calligraphy or for seasoned calligraphers who desire to refine their script. Choose: Uppercase or Lowercase. $20.00 each.
Buy both pads and save!
2 pads - $19.00 each.
Two great sets with all the tools you need for brush lettering. 
Beginner Kit $15.99 SALE $11.19
Advanced Kit $29.99 SALE $20.99
The triangle brush is a favorite of Phyllis Macaluso and Pat Blair for embellishing. With a few simple strokes, you can create beautiful florals and foliates.
X-Small $18.35 SALE $11.95
Medium $22.85 SALE $14.95
$9.99 SALE $8.95
A brief, but good, basic manual on addressing envelopes for events such as weddings. 
Foreword by Timothy Noad. 
$24.95 SALE $19.95
Full-color exhibit catalog of 86 pieces of letter art & illumination.
Staff Picks
We frequently have customers ask about our favorite products. Of course, we love all of our products, but we each have favorites as well.
This month Dano is sharing his favorite products. Dano has worked at JNB for almost three years as our in-house photographer and graphic designer, as well as the designer for Bound & Lettered.
This quarterly publication features how-to articles with step-by-step instructions and illustrations, artist galleries featuring the works of accomplished calligraphers & books artists, useful articles on tools & materials, and book & exhibit reviews.

USA Subscriptions:
4 issues $26.00 | 8 issues $47.00 | 12 issues $63.00

FOREIGN Subscriptions: 
4 issues $40.00 | 8 issues $75.00 | 12 issues $105.00

CANADA Subscriptions: 
4 issues $34.00 | 8 issues $63.00 | 12 issues $87.00

As the designer of Bound & Lettered , this pick was a no-brainer for me! I love seeing all the different articles and works that come in for each issue. There really is something for everyone. (I’m particularly fond of issue 13.3!)
Each kit comes with a waterbrush and two reusable, pre-printed practice sheets on a special paper. You fill the brush with plain water and practice your letters directly on the included sheets. Your letters gradually disappear as they dry, allowing you to use the practice sheets again and again.
There are two kits to choose from: Broad Calligraphy Practice Kit or Brush Lettering Practice Kit.
$16.00 JNB $15.50 each
I have really enjoyed playing around with this kit. It allows me to practice with a brush pen without wasting any paper or ink. It has also been a blast for my little one, who is just learning to write.
Features commissioned work and personal pieces in hundreds of images of the letters and letterwork of Luca Barcellona, an internationally known calligrapher, designer, and graffiti artist.
I love flipping through this book and looking at all the incredible artwork. Luca is one of the best, and this book is packed with beautiful examples of his work.
New Books & Supplies
These colored pencils from Faber-Castell provide a soft, vibrant color laydown. They are water-resistant and smudgeproof. Choose color: Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cream, Earth Green, Fuschia, Helioblue-Reddish, Ivory, Light Red-Violet, Madder, Magenta, May Green, Permanant Green Olive, Dark Sepia, Ultramarine, Violet, White. $2.85 each

Highly recommended by Heather Held for her Enchanted Letters, the colors in this set are her "must have" colors. Contains: Fuschia, Ivory, Magenta, May Green, Perm. Green Olive, Sepia, Ultramarine, Violet, White. $25.65 SALE $23.95
This brush is a favorite of Carl Rohrs. The superior quality of the Kolinsky sable hair points well and, when loaded with water, will return to its original shape. This size 7 round travel brush has a gold-plated brass handle with a matching cap. When closed, the brush will fit neatly into your pocket or in your art supply box. $72.95 JNB $39.23
$34.99 SALE $25.00
Flourishing is the art of embellishing your calligraphic letterforms with loops, swoops, turns, and letter extensions. This guide and workbook contain a few rules to adhere to, common ways to flourish certain letters of the alphabet, and examples of how to evaluate your flourished lettering pieces. This book is broken up into two main sections: a 35-page guide portion and the 52-page flourished alphabet tracing worksheets.
The lids of these nib tins are embellished with fine Japanese or Italian papers, then encased with resin for durability. The embellishing is done by artist and designer Melissa L. Flattery. 
Choose: Acanthus, Pansy, or Wildflower.
$8.95 JNB $7.95 each
$22.99 SALE $14.99
This guide provides the essential ingredients for designing and making your own books, from simple binding and finishing techniques to complex complete products. Projects are designed to suit a variety of skill levels from beginner to advanced, and use a step-by-step approach to learning the necessary skills.
A new, easier-to-hold Fineline Applicator. Slender bottle can be filled with your choice of ink or any other liquid medium. Wire integrated into cap prevents fluid from drying in the tip. 
Choose size: 18-gauge or 20-gauge.
$5.95 each

S1035. Slimline Writer Applicator, Set of 2. Includes one each: 18-gauge and 20-gauge applicator. $11.90 SALE $10.95
This is Nicker’s standard 24-color set: 3 Carmine, 4 Scarlet Lake, 9 Mauve, 10 Cobalt Violet, 11 Magenta, 12 Opera, 14 Pink, 17 Prussian Blue, 19 Cobalt Blue, 21 Cerulean Blue, 24 Orange, 26 Chrome Yellow, 27 Lemon Yellow, 30 Yellow Ochre, 34 Viridian, 35 Chrome Green (1), 43 Burnt Sienna, 51 White, 53 French Gray, 56 Soft Black, 124 Light Blue, 125 French Blue, 132 Imperial Green, 143 Light Green. $99.90 SALE $89.90
Books Available for Preorder
Your credit card will not be charged for these preorder titles until shortly before each book ships. If you wish to use PayPal and delay your payment, you must email your order directly to rather than placing your order(s) through our website. 
B4174. Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship, Volume One. by Michael Sull. (1989) 2017. 218pp + three guideline sheets. 8.25"x11". Spiralbound.
Long out of print and virtually unattainable, this prized volume will be available in a new printing in early 2018.
This instructional manual, written by world-renowned master penman Michael Sull, provides thorough instruction in Spencerian Script, covering equipment and tools and providing letter-by-letter instruction for lowercase and capital letters, over seventy-five fully illustrated pages. Sull also discusses early penmanship in America, the advent of the steel pen, and the development of the Spencerian System of penmanship by Platt Rogers Spencer and the Palmer system of handwriting that followed.
Pre-publication price: $27.50 and free media mail shipping (USA only) on orders placed through 12-31-2017.
Note: Publication date has not been set. It may be up to a year (or more) before the book ships. You can reserve your copy now and take advantage of the pre-publication price.
John Stevens shares his brush knowledge with exercises developed and refined over many years of teaching brush lettering workshops. He introduces you to the brush and how it contrasts with the pen. Learn how to prepare, hold, and load your brush; how the brush moves when you change angles and make curves and turns; and basic strokes, joins, special strokes. Final chapters take your letters into words and works, and present a gallery full of inspiration.
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