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through Film, March 5 and Theater, 
March 17 
This Changes Everything
Film Screening and Community Dialogue
  Saturday, March 5, 10:30 AM  

About the Film
This Changes Everything is a documentary inspired by renowned journalist Naomi Klein's latest book "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. Climate" about the need for new strategies that address climate justice concerns. The film "presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, including Montana's Powder River Basin, the Alberta Tar Sands, the coast of South India, & Beijing in an attempt to re-imagine the immense challenges of climate change. Throughout the film, Klein builds to her most controversial and exciting idea: that we can seize the existential crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better." (See here for more information and a trailer of the film.)

Breakthrough Communities'  and some of our Bay Area social justice partners played a role in the initial viewing and feedback sessions for the film. We are inspired by Naomi and Avi Lewis, her partner and documentary filmmaker and their producers Danny Glover, Seth MacFarlane, Alfonso Cuaron, and others. Their work provides a powerful education tool for our communities. 

About this Event
This film will be screened as a part of El Cerrito Environmental Quality Commission's Eco-Film Series, which links important policy issues at a global scale to our communities here in the Bay Area. For this event, we are joined by Supervisor John Gioia, Council Member Gabriel Quinto, and other elected officials, and others, to discuss large-scale issues and their solutions, which are on the front lines of voter concerns. 

Saturday March 5th at 10:30 AM
Rialto Cinemas Cerrito 
10070 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530 * 

After the screening, there will be a community dialogue with refreshments two doors down from the cinema at  Nong Thon Vietnamese restaurant, 10086 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Meet local leaders who are on the front lines of climate justice advocacy from our network coalitions. These include the 6 Wins Network and Resilient Communities Initiative, which are: developing community based approaches to responding to the challenge of climate change and anti-displacement activities, planning for rising tides in the Bay Area, leading regional agency trainings, and creating grassroots training academies about strategies for promoting change regional change. Join us to learn more  about opportunities to get involved. 

Breakthrough Communities is proud to co-sponsor this event, along with:
  • The Sierra Club
  • League of Women Voters
  • Transition Albany
  • Transition Berkeley
  • Ecology Center
  • El Cerrito Environmental Quality Commission
We look forward to seeing you there!

This event is FREE but will fill up fast. 
Register as soon as possible to save your seat.

*The location is wheelchair accessible. 
Public transit, walking and biking is encouraged.

Empower and Support Oakland Youth Artivism: 
Oakland Technical High School Performance of 
"Voices from the Storm" & other acts

About the Event
Oakland Tech's theatre program empowers students through creative expression and the exploration of contemporary issues relevant to youth and their communities. Breakthrough Communities' Carl Anthony, Paloma Pavel and Lily MacIver previewed excerpts from this electric performance as part of Alameda County Office of Education's (ACOE) workshop on "Listening, Learning, Leading." We invite you to join us to experience it with us. 

Thursday, March 17th 7-9:30 PM
Oakland Tech Auditorium
310 42nd St, Oakland, CA

Click the picture to see a short video excerpt of the show! 
 "Voices from the Storm." This is an original play created by the OakTechRep students and staff is based on a book by the same title edited by Chris Ying and Lola Vollen (book info here)The play weaves together narratives of people who experienced the traumatic events of hurricane Katrina and its aftermath and engages directly with issues of environmental racism and community resiliency.

This Event Includes

  •  A showing of the OakTechRep short film "Exposition," which takes a look back at the origins of the theatre program
  • Excerpts from most recent OakTechRep production, "Voices from the Storm" performed last Fall.
  • Work from current drama students
  • A special screening of the documentary, "Beautiful Beast, the Ballad of OakTech Rep" by Rowan Brooks - based on OakTechRep's production of "American Night, the Ballad of Juan Jose" by Richard Montoya.

The night will conclude with a  panel discussion with director Ena Dallas, founding theatre director Jessa Moreno, technical director Casey Fern, current OakTechRep actors, OakTechRep allumni, and honored guests.

Tickets are sliding scale $10 & up. 
Contact Casey Fern: o 
See more event details here.

Celebrating Intergenerational Community Dialogue as a Pathway for Change
We were struck by the immediacy of this performance and its relationship to our own work, which is informed by the voices from Katrina. Breakthrough Communities co-founder, Carl Anthony, writes about the power of e merging intergenerational dialogues in facing the challenges of climate change and social injustices in his new book, The Earth, The City and the Hidden Narrative of Race: New Foundations for the Great Work of our Time:

"Climate change confronts us with many giant challenges--reducing greenhouse gas, building community resilience to extreme weather, confronting poverty in our regions, and restoring and protecting the web of life on which our own lives depend. We each have a role to play in facing these challenges. Some of us will get involved in political processes, create cooperative businesses or nonprofits, find new ways of sharing space and resources. Others will create art, music, gardens, schools, and networks of mutual aid. The needs as well as the possibilities are endless. The voices of our elders are joining with those of young people around the world, who are expressing their caring for the planet, their passion for justice, and their hope for a livable future. This intergenerational dialogue must be acknowledged and encouraged. We must come together as one human family to care for Earth and for one another--working together, listening to each other's stories, and appreciating and celebrating our diversity." - by Carl Anthony, 

Our emerging youth leader and project coordinator, Kaily Heitz, overcoming challenges in Yosemite. 

Breakthrough Communities team, Summer Curriculum Intensive, 2015, with ACOE teachers--including Trena Noval--who are forging collaborative, creative new pathways for education.  

We dedicate our work to the elders & teachers in our communities, as well as the youth in Oakland and beyond, who are leading the climate justice movement. The book  will be released by New Village Press early next year. We will also be  producing the "All In Learning Action Guide," edited and coordinated by Dr. Paloma Pavel. This curriculum expands the leadership development aspect of our work by providing grounded strategies and educational tools that honor the various stories that we all bring into this work.

Join Us!
Dr. Paloma Pavel and Carl Anthony's work is building the next generation of environmental and social justice leaders. Their work offers valuable tools for activists, educators, and our political networks across the country. To learn more and to continue conversations sparked by the performance, we hope you will join us over coffee after the event. We are also available for presentations and workshops. Please send an email to to join us and/or to invite us to your next event. 

Earth House Center
5275 Miles Ave, Oakland, CA, 94618
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