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Make plans to visit us in booth 1161.  We will have several interactive exhibits from some of our premier vendor partners demonstrating the latest in automation technology, including:

Toshiba Robotics: Robotic golf demo featuring a THL300 SCARA 
Robot and TVL500 6-Axis robot
Festo: Smart Soft Stop servo-pneumatic end-position control
Balluff:  IO-Link Distributed I/O System
Schmalz: Tube Lifter Jumbo ergonomic vacuum handling system
Sensopart:  Eyesight Vision System
80/20: T-slot extrusion solutions

Toshiba Low-energy Robotics

The TVL500 light weight, compact vertically articulated Six-Axis robot offers high performance and productivity on all assembly and pick-and-place applications, yet because of its compact size, it also saves on space .
THL300 SCARA Robots
The lightweight THL Series SCARA robots are ideal for price-conscious end-users, and system integrators looking to incorporate automation.

Festo Smart Soft Stop

The servopneumatic proportional directional control valve VPWP with integrated, digital, serial interface for the servopneumatic positioning system CPX-CMAX and end-position controller CPX-CPMX Soft Stop. With the proportional directional control valve, the force control function provides for smoother, faster actuator travel with soft, vibration-free end or mid-position stops.

Balluff IO-Link Distributed I/O System

IO-Link simplifies the entire network topology, integrating every sensor into the fieldbus level.  Utilizing a widely accepted and open point to point technology, IO-Link is fieldbus independent, easily configured and is vendor neutral.

Schmalz Tube Lifter Jumbo

The vacuum tube lifter Jumbo tackles big jobs in the shortest amount of time. The intuitive operation allows you to move loads quickly, precisely and always ergonomically. It is the ideal aid for machine loading, for shipping and picking areas
and for many other lifting applications

Sensopart Eyesight Vision System

The Eyesight vision interpreter is a high-performance tool which enables integrators and end customers to efficiently and comprehensively solve visual measuring and inspection applications.  Eyesight is graphically programmed with inspection commands for the respective application by clicking on icons in the program editor via drag & drop. 
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