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Nouwen Legacy Associates is an Affiliate Ministry of CenterQuest
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Opening Session begins Friday at
7:30 pm  
and ends Sunday at 1:00 pm 
 Welcome/Orientation at
5:00 pm

$201.74 (Single) $184.38 (Double)
Includes Program Fee, Guest Room & Meals) 

On behalf of the Nouwen Legacy Associates (an affiliate ministry of CenterQuest), and under the sponsorship of St. Benedict Center, I want to invite you to join me in an enriching weekend together focusing on Henri Nouwen's articulation and practical application of the essence of our spiritual life with God.

In this retreat, we will explore Henri Nouwen's insights on how we can cultivate a more intimate, centered, and attentive heart.  The goal is to deepen our communion with God such that it's bound to impact the world around us. We will engage in personal solitude, individual heart reflections, small group interaction, and liturgical prayers together.

I hope to see you in one of my most favorite retreat centers in the U.S. - the gorgeous St. Benedict Center. Feel free to pass the word to others whom you know may be interested in a Nouwen retreat. 

Together in the journey,
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