Join the Coaching Program!
Ottawa, April 24, 2017
Travel to Ghana this fall to share your knowledge. 
Deadline for submissions is May 23, 2017
Volunteers from Canadian credit unions are sharing their talents and expertise to help put an end to poverty in the developing world through CCA's Credit Union Management Coaching program. Teams of volunteers have undertaken missions to help credit unions in Malawi, Uganda, Kenya and Mongolia provide valued services and benefits to community members in need.

Credit union coaches are well rounded and experienced credit union generalists, able to offer advice and assistance on all aspects of primary credit union management.

To be considered for this program you must be:
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident eligible to work in Canada
  • in good health
  • willing to travel to remote areas and be open to rudimentary living standards
  • willing to share your experience upon return to Canada
  • in possession of a valid passport
Over an eleven year period, the CCA Coaching Program has sent 118 credit union volunteers from across Canada to share their best practices with credit unions in Ghana, Malawi, Uganda and Mongolia. CCA credit union coaches wear two hats when they take up their assignments: one as seasoned professionals sharing knowledge and skills with the credit unions they visit; the other as communicators, gathering and shaping the stories they will eventually tell colleagues, family and friends when they return to Canada.

Why get involved?
There are so many reasons! Including:
  • engagement and learning opportunities
  • fulfilling the 6th co-operative principle "co-operation amongst co-operatives"
  • opportunity to learn about credit unions in other countries - did you know that you are part of a global co-operative movement with more than 1 billion people in 96 countries who belong to a co-operative enterprise?
  • learning about the challenges and opportunities of working in a credit union in the developing world
The CCA coaching program allows volunteers  to be immersed in credit unions and their local communities. It provides an amazing opportunity to reinvest years of expertise in developing credit unions.

To apply for the Ghana coaching program,  tap or click to view the application form.

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The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is a not-for-profit co-operative which establishes and strengthens co-operatives, credit unions and community-based organizations to reduce poverty, build sustainable livelihoods and improve civil society in less developed countries. CCA proudly delivers programs for the  Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) and other organizations which help communities fight poverty and create more secure lives through community-owned co-ops.

The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF)  is a registered charitable organization. It raises money, mostly from Canadian co-operatives and co-op members, to help alleviate poverty by building and strengthening financial and non-financial co-ops in developing countries. Working with the   Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA)   and other partners, it helps poor communities fight poverty and create more secure lives through community-owned co-ops.

For more information contact:

Laurie Tennian, Volunteer Manager
Canadian Co-operative Association
(613) 238-6711 ext. 209
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