Join us f or a Taizé service this Sunday at 5pm
If you are looking for a quiet moment amid the chaos, come and join us for a a contemplative service of music, candlelight, and prayer led by St. Matthew's Adult Choir on Sunday, 3/11 at 5PM.

A Taizé prayer service is where candles are lit and the pace slows down. People who attend Taizé are drawn to listen to God speaking to them through silence, music, and reflection. Taizé singing is perhaps the essential element of the service. The simple, meditative songs are repeated several times as they begin to sing themselves and become a part of the worshiper’s soul. The Taizé service offers a spiritual experience that many finding missing in their personal lives or in their traditional worship services. And perhaps most of all, people feel a welcoming presence in this Taizé experience, as well as a deep connection that brings them together as a people of God.

You can hear some of the music from last year's service here and here.

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