Port City Makerspace invites you to join us for a BBQ this Wednesday (5/30) at 69 Morning Street. The Makerspace is starting to look really good thanks to a lot of hard work from all of you who are helping and it's time to kick back and grill some food by the Hodgson Brook and get to know our fellow makers.


Festivities will begin at 5:00 pm and go until 9:00 pm We'll give tours of the new space, have food and drink in plenty, and lots of opportunity to talk about the future of Port City Makerspace. Bring your own folding chair if you have one.


We are also pleased to announce that we will be selling preliminary memberships as a fund-raising effort to help us on our way towards opening.

If you want to help us out you can prepay your first month or first year of membership to get you in the door and using the space as soon as we are able to open.


We are also selling a very limited run of lifetime memberships to help us raise capital for some additional tool investments. Just ten lifetime memberships will be made available for $2,000 each (less than the cost of two years of monthly membership).


If You want to help at building stairs, painting, and hanging drywall, give Ross a call 

(603 969 2234) 

He'll be there through the weekend and every day this week






-Port City Makerspace