December 2, 2016
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DFM Accepts
SNAP Benefits
The Durham Farmers' Market  proudly accepts SNAP benefits. To use SNAP benefits at the Market, please visit the Market info table at the center of the Pavilion.

The Double Bucks Program allows SNAP customers to receive double the amount of money they spend on tokens for purchases up to $10. 

The Market is working closely with RAFI as our fiscal sponsor. Read more about the program and our partnership  HERE

Thank you to everyone who has already made donations to the Double Bucks program! We couldn't do it without you.
Farmer Foodshare Donation Station 
The Donation Station Program collects donations of fresh food and cash from customers at the Durham Farmers' Market. The money is used directly at the Market to purchase food from farmers for those who are hungry in our communities. Farmer Foodshare's mission is to connect our local farmers with those who need food! 
Please visit or volunteer at our Durham Farmers' Market Donation Station! 






























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Quick Links
We hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving and that you enjoyed seasonal produce with your meal! We are excited to launch our Winter Market tomorrow from 10 am-noon. Swing by to pick up your cool-weather favorites, such as collards, sweet potatoes, radishes, greens, and so much more!

In the spirit of the holiday season, this month we are  partnering with the East Durham Children's Initiative (EDCI) on a winter coat drive for low-income children living in East Durham. Their goal is to collect 100 new or gently used coats for children ages 3-14 by the end of the month. Please consider donating a coat at the bin near the Info Table to ensure that children in our Durham community have a jacket to keep them warm during the winter months. Please e-mail us if you have any questions and thank you in advance for your generosity.

Also, please be sure to bring a canned food donation to the Market tomorrow and pick up a tree during Keep Durham Beautiful's Annual Tree Giveaway! For more information or to pre-reserve a tree, check out their website. This is an amazing opportunity to support your community in more ways than one by donating food and planting a tree for future generations. Don't miss out on this wonderful event at the Market!

Holiday Market Schedule
Saturday, December 24
  • We will hold our special Holiday Market during the normal hours of 10 am-noon.
Saturday, December 31
  • We will hold our special New Year's Eve Market during the normal hours of 10 am-noon.
See you tomorrow!
Mary Yost
Market Manager
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Meet our new vendor:
Growers and Cooks!
Before starting Growers and Cooks, Kate Elia was an active home cook who enjoyed making her own stock and was consistently disappointed every time she bought it from the store. She volunteered for Farm to Fork Picnic where she met local vendors and farmers in the area and she started to realize that there was an opportunity for someone to produce homemade stock using bones from local farmers, butchers and chefs. She started Growers and Cooks to provide home cooks in our community with fresh bone and vegetable stocks and to fill a missing link in the chain of our local food system.
Kate believes you should opt for Growers and Cooks' grower-sourced products over big-box store stock because it is actually made with real ingredients unlike the factory-produced dehydrated powders found in the canned and boxed versions. Homemade stock is full of vitamins, the taste is far superior to anything else, and you are strengthening our local food system by providing farmers with a place to sell these bones. The more home cooks choose Growers and Cooks products, the more farmers, butchers, and chefs can limit their waste.
Kate is a big fan on the one-pot-meal which is another reason she developed such a passion for fresh ingredient stock, which can be used in more ways than you can imagine. Check out the recipes section of Growers and Cooks website for some delightful stock cooking inspiration and be sure to swing by their booth this weekend to learn more about their tasty products!

Market News
Saturday, December 3
  • The Winter Market begins with hours from 10 am-noon.
  • Bring a canned food donation and pick up a tree with Keep Durham Beautiful's annual tree giveaway!
Saturday, December 10
  • Wondering how to best use Market veggies for good health? Curious about how to get a healthy start for the New Year? Stop by and chat with a dietitian from the Durham Chapel Hill Dietetic Association to get the lowdown on local nutrition! 
Attention all parents! Don't forget to visit the Nursery Tent. 
We welcome feeding anywhere in the Market, but for parents
and caregivers looking for a quiet, calm spot and a place
to sit down, swing by the Nursery Tent on the Market Lawn.
Fresh this Week  
VEGETABLES:  Arugula, Asian Greens, Baby Ginger, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Chard, Collards, Garlic, Fennel, Herbs, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Onions, Pea Shoots, Peppers, Potatoes, Radishes, Turnips, Winter Squash, and more!

MEATS AND EGGS: Pork, Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Bison, Chicken, Duck, Goat/Chevon/Cabrito, Veal, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs

FLOWERS: Dried Bouquets, Anemones, Icelandic Poppies, and more

CHEESES:  Fresh and Aged Goat Milk Cheeses
Vegetable, Flower and Herb Starts 

SPECIALTY ITEMS:  Pasta, Flour, Cornmeal, Grits, Baked Goods including Pies, Breads, Cookies, Pastries, Gluten-Free Baked Goods, Fermented Foods, Teas, Beer, Wine, Meade, Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Preserves, and Wool

CRAFTS: Pottery, Woodwork, Baskets, Photographs, Hand-Dyed Clothing, Handmade Clothing, Body Butters, Lotions, Yarn, Roving and much more!

Produce availability depends on weather conditions.
Catbriar Farm
We are excited about beginning the Winter Market hours  after the Thanksgiving holiday. Catbriar Farm will be located on the back side of the shelter.  We will bring sweet potatoes, broccoli, kale, collards, peppers, and fresh and dried herbs. We will also bring freshly ground paprika powder and cayenne powder and flakes. These make great stocking stuffers for a "taste of North Carolina"! See you at the Market!

Graham & Sara Broadwell 
Bluebird Meadows
We are so excited Winter Market is here! We have started signing up members for our Winter Flower Subscription. It is an amazing journey through the best of local winter flowers and it makes a great holiday gift.  For  this Saturday , our winter flowers are already starting to trickle in - we will have anemones and icelandic poppies available as well as just a few remaining heirloom chrysanthemums. For vegetables we will have kale, collards, carrots, lettuce, our shoot blend which makes for a highly nutritious ready to go salad, assorted radishes, radicchio, sweet potatoes, and more. We will also have a limited number of everlasting flower wreaths. We look forward to seeing you  this Saturday !

Alice & Stuart White
MoonDance Soaps & More
Wanting to source local this holiday season? We've got a lovely selection of holiday themed soaps to fill those stockings (or stock your own stash). Hostess gifts, teacher gifts, a little thank you for your postal carrier - our soaps are a fabulous little treat. Practical and useful, but still a bit of an indulgence to enjoy. As always, stop on by for your free sample soap. 

Rachel & Paul
Terra Clotha
During the winter months when I was younger, I frequently left the house without my jacket. My mother (or my grandmother) would call out to me to come back and put on something warm. I did it, not because I was cold, of course, but because it made them feel better. As I've gotten older, though, I've come to see the advantages of wearing a jacket, or a sweater, or a long-sleeved shirt. Sometimes on chilly  Saturday  mornings at the farmers market, I have seen folks who, like my younger self, opted not to wear that jacket. They're in short-sleeved T-shirts, flip-flops, short pants. It's 40 degrees outside, you can see your breath, and these guys are dressed for the beach. It makes me cold just to look at them. (I try to avoid saying, "Tsk. Tsk. Those kids today. And their music - its just noise." But it's getting harder and harder to resist the impulse.) 

If you're like me, and you find it attractive to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt at the cooler times of the year (or you're dressing someone who should be wearing such a shirt) come check out our selection of long-sleeved T-shirts for adults and children, and long-sleeved dresses for women and girls. They're bright and fashionable, and they'll make you feel seasonably comfortable. 

Hand-dyed clothing from Terra Clotha. Warm and colorful.

We're now on Facebook! Like our page and while you're there, find a 10% off coupon to use with your next Terra Clotha purchase.

Ever Laughter Farm
This week we'll have spinach, frisee, escarole, baby ginger, Red Russian and lacinato kale, Italiko Rosso dandelions, mustards, collards, Carolina Ruby sweet potatoes, parsley, dill, cilantro and more!

Four Leaf Farm
Four Leaf Farm is looking forward to the  Saturday  market and will bring a big variety of produce. Here is a list of the more rare ones: Claytonia aka Miner's lettuce, Creasy greens aka Upland cress, Mache aka Field or Corn salad, Daikon radish, Kohlrabi and Bay leaf. Hope to see you there!

Helga & Hannah
Fickle Creek Farm
Please pre-order here  by 5 pm on Friday and we will hold your order at Market until 11:30 am.

10% off purchase of $100 or more!

Pasture raised, free range turkey: Whole bird, breast, drums, thighs, and wings

100% grass-fed beef:  Ground beef, stew beef;  STEAKS:  Filet mignon, bone-in/boneless ribeye, NY strip, flank, skirt, hangar, boneless sirloin, flat iron, chuck eye, short ribs, and back ribs; ROASTS: C huck, eye of round, rump roast, bottom round, London Broil, brisket, osso buco, heart, hot dogs, soup bones, knuckles, and kidney

Free range, pastured chikdren fed certified organic feed: Whole chicken, half chicken, boneless skinless breast, French breast, leg quarter pairs, wings, backs, necks, wing tips, liver, feet, and fat

Free-range pork (pasture and woodlot raised):  Belly/jowl bacon, bone-in pork loin chops, smoked boneless chops, spare/baby back ribs;  ROASTS : Boston butt, boneless pork loin, shanks;  SAUSAGES : Breakfast pinky links (maple, mild, hot), bulk sausage (country, hot extra sage, hot italian, chorizo), link sausage (bratwurst, hot Italian, mild Italian, smoked chorizo, smoked bell pepper & onion, smoked polish), fatback, leaf lard, rendered lard, and pork neck bones

Mutton (100% grass-fed): Rib chops, ground, kidney, ribs, and bones

Artisan Deli Meats:  Bologna, roast beef, pastrami, and hot dogs (beef or pork)

Soup, stew and stock (pre-order only!):  Beef soup bones, knuckle; pork meaty neck/back bones; chicken backs, necks, wing tips, feet; whole stew hens

Produce (no synthetic chemicals)

Chicken eggs (free range and pastured hens): Mixed (medium-extra large), jumbo, and pullet

Duck eggs

1 Pound of Coffee = 1 Tree Planted

It's our 1-year Anniversary in business and at the Farmer's Market and there's so much to celebrate! We've committed to planting 1,000 trees with the Arbor Foundation - all THANKS TO YOU! And to show our appreciation we'll have a special tree-themed treat for our customers this Saturday - so be sure to stop by! 

December is also the perfect time of year for our signature Holiday Blend and Peppermint Lattes and Mochas! We'll of course have other hot coffee drinks available and our freshly roasted beans. We have two more Markets before we are out of town for the holidays so be sure to stock up now!

We are a small-batch, custom coffee roaster located in downtown Durham. Our goal is to help our customers offset their carbon footprint through their coffee purchases by planting a tree for each pound of coffee we sell. We limit waste from seed to cup by sourcing naturally washed beans, using solar electricity, and composting all materials. We are striving to be a zero-waste coffee roasting company and our coffee beans are certified Fair Trade, Organic, and Rainforest Friendly. 

Can't wait to see you at the Market! 
Emily and David
Hurtgen Meadows Farm
All of us at Hurtgen Meadows hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We are looking forward to helping you restock your kitchens on Saturday. Please remember that we begin winter hours this week.  Look for us at 10 am in our winter location under the pavilion on the back row just down from the Market's Info Table.
We will have arugula, sweet potatoes, squash, turnips, kale, kohlrabi, collards, potatoes, garlic and radishes.
We have sage, rosemary, and thyme plants. These are perennial plants, which will overwinter in your garden.
We will have strawberry and onion jam and blackberry jelly. Pick up a jar for a hostess gift or a Christmas stocking!

All of Hurtgen Meadows produce, plants, fruits and flowers are naturally grown using sustainable practices - no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are ever used on our farm.  We'll see you at the market!
Chapel Hill Creamery
We are waiting for our next batches of sausage and do not have enough to sell this weekend, but we are hoping to come on December 10 with a good variety of dinner and breakfast sausage. We'll see you then. 
Visit our website!
Meadow Lane Farm
Ready for a great pot of stew? How about trying LAMB, GOAT, PORK or BEEF roast or stew meat from our Animal Welfare Approved farm-raised animals?
ANGUS BEEF: Roasts (Sirloin Tip, Chuck, Eye of Round), Steaks (London Broil, Sirloin, Ribeye, Flat Iron), Ground (including G. Chuck and G. Round), Brisket, Soup Bones, Dog Bones, Marrow Bones, Sausages (Chirizo, Brats), Hot Dogs, Cheeks, Shanks, Heart, Calves Liver and more

PORK: How about "heat & serve" eastern-style pork barbeque? Delicious! Sausages (Country X-Sage, Brats, Chirizo, Italian, Maple Breakfast links), Roasts (Boston Butt, Picnic), St. Louis Rib Slabs, Liver, Ground, and more
LAMB: Shoulder Steaks, Ground, Riblets, Liver, Stew, and Leg of Lamb (great for the holidays!)
CHEVON (goat meat): Ground, Cubed/Stew, Riblets, and Liver

USDA Certified Organic Vegetables:  "Sungold" Tomatoes, Squash, Turnips, Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, Spaghetti Squash, Acorn Squash, Shiitake Mushrooms, and more!
Special this week! PUMPKINS! Indian River, White, Pie Pumpkins.

We are taking orders for Mario's beautiful handmade farm greenery HOLIDAY WREATHS. We continue to get so many compliments on them throughout the year.  Dates of availability: December 3, and December 10 (2 sizes). You can also drive out to the farm to purchase one - just let us know you are coming!
Thank you for your continued support of our family farm!
Martha Mobley
Bonlee Grown Farm
We will be at the  Saturday  Market this week and have picked Jerusalem artichokes, hot pepper jelly, chow chows, and sparkling holiday jam with cranberries! We'll also have some succulents to bring in and "naturify" your home this winter. And don't forget to try our Carolina Babe liquid coconut spray.

Come check us out or call us at  919-548-0977  or  919-837-2937  to order. Thank you for shopping local!

Amy, Ray, Ramy & Erin  Sugg
Melina's Fresh Pasta
Melina's Fresh Pasta will be at Market this week with 11 ravioli flavors, such as Roasted Red Pepper & Feta, Caprese, 3 Cheese & Roasted Garlic, Lemon Ricotta, Pimento Cheese and more!  P lus spaghetti, spinach linguine, tomato basil sauce, pizza dough, gnocchi and lasagna. Try our veggie shells - plain, tomato & spinach - in a pasta salad. See you at the Market!

Parking & Street Information
The Market is located at 501 Foster Street in and around the Pavilion at Durham Central Park. During Market hours, Foster Street is closed between Hunt and Corporations Streets.

Parking can be found on the street around the Market, in the Ballpark Parking Lot on Corporation Street and in the Measurement Inc lot, 423 Morris Street (look for the Durham Farmers' Market Parking sign). There is a path at the bottom of that parking lot that leads you to the Market. There are also public parking lots along Foster Street and on Morgan Street near the Carolina Theatre.  

Handicap parking is available on Foster Street, right next to the south entrance of the pavilion.
Durham Farmers' Market Animal Policy
Please note that the Durham Farmers' Market does not allow dogs or other pets in the Market area during Market hours.  Service animals are exempt from this rule.

Leashed pets are welcome elsewhere throughout Durham Central Park.