T here is a reason for this Christmas season and
His name is Jesus.

Unlike Santa, Jesus isn't about who's naughty or nice,  
He is ONLY about FORGIVENESS for everyone
(no matter if you've been naughty or nice).
We want to invite everyone in the Chicagoland area to join us on Christmas Eve at   Grace Lutheran Church in Streamwood.
  • It makes no difference how long it's been since you last went to church.
  • It makes no difference what denomination you associate (or do not associate) yourself with.
  • It only matters that you come - if not to Grace, then to your home church or a church in your area.
There are 3 services Christmas Eve
7pm and 10:30pm. 
Pastor Paul will be sharing a message
sure to inspire.
(no services on Christmas Day)

For more information visit
www.graceistheplace.net or like us on

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Grace Lutheran Church
780 S. Bartlett Rd.,Streamwood, IL 60107 
(630) 289-3996