Fall 2016, Week 3
UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center
Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm & Friday 8am-4:30pm
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"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done." 
~Alam Turing
Save the date for the upcoming events at the RC! 

Queer & Trans Chicanx Latinx Mixer
Thurs, October 13th | 12-1:30pm|  LGBTRC

Join us at the LGBT Resource Center for a Queer & Trans Chicanx and Latinx Mixer. Come meet other Queer and Trans Raza on campus. Open to students, staff, and faculty. Refreshments provided.  

If you require accommodations to fully access the event, please contact us at 858.822.3493 or rainbow@ucsd.edu 

Volunteer Training and Orientation
Friday, October 14th, 2016
11:00am-1:00pm |LGBT RC  Conference Room

Would you like to get more involved with the LGBT community here on campus? Come by and learn about an opportunity for leadership, involvement, and community!

For more info stop by the RC's front desk or email rainbow@ucsd.edu  

To Infinity and Beyond!
The Binary!
Thursday, October 20th, 2016
3:00-5:00pm | LGBT Resource Center Conference Room

Let's think outside the gender binary box! Come to this interactive program to discuss how the gender binary impacts the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as touch on how it affects the toy industry.



 Intersex Awareness Program
Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
5:00-7:00pm | LGBT Resource Center Conference Room

Come by the LGBT Resource Center to participate in our Intersex Awareness Program! We will be learning about the Intersex Community issues and social movement through guided discussion and will have a chance to demonstrate our learning through a creative activity. Hope to see you then!


Community Groups

The Healing Journey for Trans Folks
Thursday, October 13th, 2016
3:30-4:50pm |Women's  Center, Small Meeting Room

Calling for all folks (Undergraduates , Graduates, Staff and Faculty) who identify along the Trans spectrum, to come connect in a three part series program space that is validating, intentionally building community, while also holding space to explore and share what each individual healing journey looks likes navigating a cis-normative world.

The first program of the series is intended to create an uplifting, light, and validating space for folks to come and share space with other Trans identifying folks, and just get to know one another, while beginning discussion on what does healing looking like for each individual and as a community?

This is a closed space for folks who identify along the trans spectrum.


Men Who Love Men
Friday, October 14th, 2016
2:00-3:00pm | LGBT Resource Center Conference Room

Come by the LBGT RC for a brave space for self-identified men who love men to explore the intersection and issues of masculinity and sexuality.


LGBT Student Veteran Discussion 
Thursday, October 20th, 2016
12:00-1:00pm | LGBT Resource Center Conference Room

Are you a veteran in the LGBT community? Here is a discussion group for military veterans that identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, and a space to talk.


Alan Turing and free tickets!


The Imitation Game
Screening & Discussion "Prof: Alan Turing Decoded" 
Thursday, October 27th 2016
Landmark Hillcrest Cinemas

Alan Turing was the founder of field of computer science, and his codebreaking greatly contributed to the the Allied force's victory during World War II. Turing was also a part of the LGBT community and is the namesake of the Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship for undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering that are active participants in the LGBT community.

If you'd like to learn more about a brilliant man and his legacy, the center is giving out 3 free tickets, worth $20 each, to the screening of The Imitation Game and the discussion of Prof: Alan Turing Decoded by Sir Dermot Turing. Please email rainbow@ucsd.edu if you are interested in the free tickets before 10/20 and you could be a winner!

Apply for T*Camp SoCal 2017

T*Camp SoCal 2017

SoCal T*Camp brings together transgender, genderqueer and gender-questioning college students for an intercampus retreat January 6-8, 2017. Both undergraduates and graduates who are currently enrolled are welcome to apply.
The deadline to apply is October 30. You will be notified in November about your application status.
T*Camp is an amazing way to make connections, go deep into one's gender identity and intersecting identities, and build community. Check out the T*Camp video and hear directly from Tcampers about their experiences: https://youtu.be/0I2iInPhzzU
UC San Diego Students that are accepted will get fees covered.

Questions about T*Camp may be directed to  nancy.tubbs@ucr.edu.

Do you have library recommendations?

Is there anything you'd like to see added to our library at the LGBT Resource Center? Well you're in luck, our library intern is currently looking for recommendations!

If there is a book, magazine, comic, CD, etc. that you think would be a great addition, feel free to let us know by filling out this survey!

LGBT Resource Center Affiliate Program

Is your organization or group interested in partnering with the UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center? Are you looking to start your own LGBTQIA+ org? Need a meeting space? Looking for leadership opportunities? Check out our Affiliate Program! The UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center Affiliate Program has a variety of perks and opportunities for your organization. Check out our website for the application and more details. For questions contact mpgomez@ucsd.edu
For more Program info click here
Click here to access an Application

LGBTQIA+ Leaders for 2016-2017

We're creating a community roster of LGBTQIA+ student leaders on campus to keep the community better updated of resources and opportunities. You have the option for your information to remain internal - for the LGBT Resource Center Professional Staff to be able to contact you regarding opportunities OR for it to be public- to be listed on our website for peers and community to know who our student leaders are.

Submit your info  here.  F or questions, contact Maribel Gomez at  mpgomez@ucsd.edu.
Campus Community Centers

Rainbow Newsletter submissions: 

If you would like to submit relevant events to be featured in the newsletter, please email rainbow@ucsd.edu.
This week at the RC:

Community Support Groups

Coming Out Group

Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30pm

Small Meeting Room | Women's Center


The Coming Out group is a place to meet and gain support while discussing your sexual and/or gender Identities in a confidential setting.  This group is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight, or questioning folks who are coming out, considering coming out or may already be out.  Topics are determined by group participants and can include stress, fear, anxiety, loneliness, family/cultural issues, excitement and celebration with regard to coming out. The group is open to new members the first 3 meetings of each quarter and then closes to maintain safe space. First Fall  Meeting is Tuesday, September 27th


For more info, please contact Cat Thompson at cathompson@ucsd.edu  or Agustin Orozco at  



The Coming Out Group is open for the first 3 weeks of each quarter and closes after for safety.

Men's Relationship Forum

Weeks 2-10 (Fall, Winter & Spring Quarters)
Mondays, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Small Meeting Room | Women's Center 

Join us for conversations about our experiences as gay men, and connect with other gay men on campus.
This group addresses relationships, sexual health, community building and more.

For more information please contact:
Greg Koch at gkoch@ucsd.edu

Community Classifieds

Frat parties mocking Black History Month, homophobic slurs, anti-Mexican graffiti on campus, and sexual harassment...these reoccurring events affect ALL students, underrepresented or not, and demonstrate the need for a conversation about student experiences related to the campus climate at UC San Diego.  Join the conversation and submit your creative work!

The UC San Diego Library is creating a "living archive" as an alternative way to highlight awareness, provide a space for dialogue, and preserve and document events related to UC San Diego history. A  living archive is a collection of materials presented in a way that allows for the expression, exhibition, documentation, and preservation of a sentiment or movement in a particular community.  This type of "archiving" is "living" because it is constantly updated with the current climate and consists of all manner of expression from documents of the past, to creative expression through art, to real-time feedback of the current period.

We want YOU to be a part of the Living Archive.  What do you have to say or express about the current climate at UCSD?   

Information on the project and how to submit work is here:  http://lib.ucsd.edu/howucit 
The physical exhibit will run from February 1 - March 31, 2016 in Geisel Library, with a permanent online collection of submissions.  Deadline for submissions is November 30th and you must be enrolled as a current UCSD student.  Paintings, drawings, collages, prints, sculptures, photographs, performance art, written work, video or film are welcome! 
For questions or more information, contact Tamara Rhodes,  tlrhodes@ucsd.edu.