Kopernik invites
y ou to its annual Winter Star Party on Saturday, February 18. The  Winter Star Party offers family activities, s peakers on various astron omy topics and observing the winter constellations, along with Venus, Mars, Uranus, th e Orion Nebula, and much more through Kopernik's powerful telescopes. See the schedule in the panel below for more information.

This year's guest speaker is  Father George Coyne SJ PhD,  Director-Emeritus of the Vatican Observatory. 
Fr. Coyne will talk about "The Copernican Revolution," which started when Polish astronomer and mathematician Mikołaj Kopernik (1473-1543), known in English as Nicholas Copernicus, published his famous work in 1543 about the Earth revolving around the sun. Kopernik's discoveries challenged many existing beliefs and ran up against the Church. He also laid the groundwork for the birth of modern science, by clarifying the notion of hypothesis in scientific research. Coyne will discuss Kopernik's work and confrontations, and what they have to say about the role of science in society today.
At the end of the Father Coyne's presentation, celebrate Mikołaj Kopernik's 544th birthday (February 19, 1473) with cake.

Winter Star Party  
  Saturday, February 18, 2017   
6 p.m. 
  Night landscape with a snow igloo with light. Extreme house. Winter in the mountains. Sky with the stars and the Milky Way  
Event Schedule

6 p.m.: Doors Open: Tours/Observing - Ongoing telescope observing if clear! 
                                Family Activities: Lego Robots & Snap Electric Kits

6:30 p.m.: Lights & Lasers for Kids
7 p.m.:  The Copernican Revolution 
Fr. George Coyne SJ PhD
Director-Emeritus Vatican Observatory   
8:30 p.m: Mikolaj Kopernik's birthday cake

9 p.m: Winter Deep-Sky Gems & Jewels

 If clear skies prevail - our telescopes will be open throughout the event

Telescope Observing

Mars at 6 p.m. 
Venus at 6 p.m.
  After 11 p.m. 

Deep Sky Objects

Pleiades Open Star Cluster  
Orion Nebula

This annual event ha s really turned into a fun tradition at Kopernik. We hope you can make it to Kopernik and t hat cl ear skies will prevail! Don't forget to dress warm . 
Roy Williams
Public Programs Coordinator
Kopernik Observatory 
& Science Center
(607)748-3685 ext. 315