Kindergarten, Here I Come! Challenge
Dear Teacher of Four-Year-Olds,

As you know the Preschool Kindergarten Partnership (PKP) is focused on the successful transition of all students to Kindergarten.  Research clearly shows that the more transition activities a family participates in, the more successful the transition. Fmilies and children that participate in transition activities experience:
  • Improved academic growth
  • Reduced stress
  •  Higher ratings of social/emotional competence
  • Increased Family Involvement

With that in mind, we are trying to encourage families to register for kindergarten before the summer break.  By registering early, families are connected to elementary schools  earlier and the school can reach out to let them know of transition events. In addition, elementary schools are prepared for your children before the first day of school and have already begun to build those positive relationships with children and families that we all know are so important for success in school.


In addition to the Ready, Set...Kindergarten! events, PKP is sponsoring the Kindergarten, Here I Come! Challenge. Participation is simple: 

  1. Encourage your families to register early for Kindergarten.  Let them know how important this is and how it contributes to their child's educational success.  
  2. Use this Class Record Form.  List all students in your class using their legal name.  When a child in your class shows you they have registered for kindergarten with their Ready, Set...Kindergarten! certificate, fill in the Certificate Number (upper right hand corner) and the Kindergarten School for that child on the Record Form. 
  3. Upload the Kindergarten, Here I Come! Challenge Class Record Form on the ELC Provider Portal by May 24, 2018.

Returning this form enters you in the drawing to win prizes for your classroom including materials and gift cards!  The more children you have registered for kindergarten, the more chances you have to win!  At the Back-to-School PKP Meeting in September, we will announce the winners.  It could be you!  But all of your children will be winners, because you have helped set them up for a great start in kindergarten!


Help us make all children winners by participating in the Kindergarten, Here I Come! Challenge.  See you at the Back-to-School PKP Meeting...fingers crossed!



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