Greetings, Newsletter Cohorts -  
I'm back from the 14 month Dream Theater tour and ready to tackle all of the projects that have been kept waiting while I've been crossing the globe with the band. It was an amazing tour and it's bittersweet to end, but we'll be back in the studio in a few months and the next world tour will be here before we know it. 
Life can't stop just because one's in Indonesia or Argentina, so my hotel rooms in every city became the office of Wizdom Music - no matter WHAT kind of wireless hell I had to deal with.  I'm psyched to introduce our two new apps which I hope will blow your mind AND calm your soul simultaneously. 
Speaking of calm souls, I DO NOT feel calm at all right now as I tackle ELP'S Tarkus which I'm performing in a few days at The Iridium in NYC. Hope you are make it to Times Square and catch one of four shows. 
Post Touring/Tarkus,  I'm heading off to Chennai, India to teach at Prasanna's incredible music school,  Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music,  in October. Anyone out there coming over for it?
NEXT UP... I'm going to lock myself in my studio and work on a solo album. 
Got to go, Tarkus calls me.
Hope to see you in NYC or India or... wherever else my aural adventures take me.

Check out this new improv I created this morning on my NEWLY TUNED Steinway piano: 
Musical Message of Peace with Jordan Rudess
Musical Message of Peace with Jordan Rudess


Jordan Solo Concert 
Sept. 19 & 20
@The Iridium
Jordan will be performing solo shows at The Iridium in NYC on Wednesday and Thursday, September 19 & 20. Showtimes are 8pm and 10pm. He'll be playing Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Tarkus in entirety as well as some other surprises. 
The Iridium is a small,  intimate venue so tickets are limited. 
Tarkus practice with Jordan Rudess Pt. 4
Tarkus practice with Jordan Rudess Pt. 4


New App: SpaceWiz 
If Space Travel is your thing, or if you just want to chill with a cool wallpaper and sonic landscape Wizdom Music has just released SpaceWiz, a first collaboration with Tobias Miller, developer of the hypnotic iOS apps LiquiPad and Clox. SpaceWiz allows you to create and interact with a unique audio-visual space journey while enjoying the ultimate sonic/visual experience.
SpaceWiz Intro with Jordan Rudess
SpaceWiz Intro with Jordan Rudess
New App: Tachyon
Tachyon by Wizdom Music

 "A custom-crafted sound set from my personal library, encompassing sounds as familiar as those you would find in your home toolbox, and as exclusive as the ones I use on tour with Dream Theater." 
Jordan's and master programmer, Kevin Chartier's, Tachyon allows images and sound to become one as they magically blend under the user's fingertips. Most instruments only allow the user to play one sound at a time, but with Tachyon they can seamlessly blend between any two sounds. The visual experience of Tachyon is just as mesmerizing; fields of twinkling stars morph into the shape of the selected instrument, allowing a direct correlation between sight and sound.