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(Nashville, Tennessee...) - November 17, 2017 - Singer, songwriter, troubadour Josh Morningstar stared down the devil and lived to tell...and sing about it, and his life as a father, husband, addict, inmate, fighter and recovery is captured in 10 songs on his Whole Lotta Crazy album. Morningstar produced the album and wrote eight of the songs on the collection, which is set for release January 19, 2018.
"So much went into this record - happiness, pain, stress, sweat, good times and bad," said Morningstar. "There were days and nights I thought it would never get done. I have the best  group of musicians a guy could ask for. I have the best friends that support my music I could dream up."
Morningstar is the embodiment of the songs he sings - honest and real, he writes the kinds of songs that will haunt you long after the record stops spinning. The first single from the new album is "Melody," a poignant and simple guitar/vocal tune that is autobiographical in nature. The single is already receiving coveted airplay on SiriusXM.
That autobiography includes dealing with addiction that sent his life spiraling and led to at least six stints in different county jails. Morningstar has spent the last ­­­six years cleaning up his act, making amends with himself, God, friends and family and traveling the country performing over 300 shows a year.
At every date, he shares his story - both verbally and through his songs - and spreads his message that inspires and motivates audiences from coast to coast and beyond. Those shows have included touring with and opening for such acts as Todd Snider, Shooter Jennings, Travis Meadows, Jamey Johnson, Country Music Hall of Famer Bobby Bare, Jason Isbell, Travis Tritt, Lorrie Morgan and many others.
That constant touring also led to him being named Gary Hayes' Country's  2015 Artist of the Year and one of "10 Artists to Keep Your Eye On In 2017" by His dedicated, grassroots, word-of-mouth fan base, who have dubbed themselves "The Crazies" (think a country music version of the "Deadheads" that followed The Grateful Dead) continues to grow with each live show.
His recognition and respect from critics and audiences alike is also testament to the dedication to his craft. Brian Burke, organizer of the Boondocks Music Festival, said, "Josh's fans turned out in droves for our festival, and were absolutely rabid waiting for him to hit the stage; they chanted 'Morningstar' over the sets of the artists before him so loud that we had to move his set time up just so we could regain some sort of semblance of order."
AP writer Greg Johnson summed up Morningstar's growing career: "One listen to his music and it's easy to understand why they are so crazy (pardon the pun) about him - he speaks to the every man: the single mother struggling to make ends meet; the hardened criminal trying desperately to change his ways; the millennials trying to find their path in the world. Morningstar is able to speak to them because he IS them. He's been there and he lived to tell about it. And when he tells, we'd all be better for listening.
Whole Lotta Crazy Track Listing:
  1.     "Whole Lotta Crazy" - Josh Morningstar
  2.     "Cryin' Eyes of Blue" - Josh Morningstar
  3.     "Damn These Birds" - Josh Morningstar
  4.     "Drivin' Nails In My Coffin" - Josh Morningstar/Jerry Irby
  5.     "Miss Bobbie Jo" - Josh Morningstar
  6.     "Melody" - Josh Morningstar
  7.     "All That I've Been Livin' For Is Gone" - Josh Morningstar
  8.     "Hangovers and Heartbreaks" - Josh Morningstar
  9.     "Somewhere Soft To Fall" - Josh Morningstar
  10.     "Haggard & Hank" - - Josh Morningstar/Billy Don Burns
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