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JASM v5n2 Cover The Journal of Applied Sport Management  is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that provides cutting-edge applied research in the field of sport management. The mission of the journal is to develop, advance, disseminate, promote, and preserve knowledge within the academic discipline of sport management by providing an outlet that is both grounded in academic theory and driven by the needs of practitioners and the environment of the sport industry. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following sport management subdisciplines: organizational behavior/theory, marketing, law, economics, finance, facility/event management, communication and media relations, sponsorship and sales, and governance and ethics. The journal is published in cooperation with the Southern Sport Management Association (SSMA).
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Geoff Alpert, Jeff Rojek, Scott H. Decker, J. Andrew Hansen, Randy Shannon, Dan Radakovich, Ryan G. Alpert
Call for Papers

The Journal of Applied Sport Management (JASM), the official publication of the Southern Sport Management Association, invites high quality manuscript submissions and pledges a prompt and fair review process for all contributing authors.  Only manuscripts that make a strong contribution to sport management practice, based on the practical, conceptual, philosophical, and empirical grounding of the piece, will be considered for publication.  Authors are required to submit both a scholarly manuscript (reviewed by academicians) and a corresponding management white paper (reviewed by practitioners).
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Dr. Damon P. S. Andrew
  Troy University
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Dr. Mathew B. Walker
  University of Southern Mississippi
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